CM Punk Says WWE Is Written By ‘Creatively Bankrupt Nincompoops’

In the wake of the latest wave of WWE layoffs, one of the company’s former employees has criticized its creative department.

In case you missed it, on Wednesday, June 2, WWE announced that Murphy, Braun Strowman, Lana, Aleister Black, Ruby Riott, and Santana Garrett had been let go.

To nobody’s surprise, former WWE Superstar CM Punk took to social media to once again lash out at his old bosses after the firings were announced.

“It’s like a movie with a blockbuster budget and cast, but if it’s written by creatively bankrupt nincompoops specifically for an audience of one, in a language nobody understands anymore, it’s…..trash,” Punk tweeted. “But people watch it because they like movies.”

Punk was responding to a tweet shared by Bloody Disgusting editor John Squires. Squires was lamenting WWE’s inability to make the most of the talent on its books, something CM Punk believes he himself fell victim to during his tenure with the company.

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As you might recall, Punk parted ways with WWE in 2014 after an eight years. Punk had become increasingly frustrated with how WWE was run, and how it treated its talent. He butted heads with management multiple times, and was eventually fired by the company on his wedding day.

“It’s a very creatively stifling, toxic environment,” Punk said on Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast shortly after he was let go.

CM Punk Money in the Bank 2011

Will CM Punk Ever Return To WWE?

More recently, Punk claimed that the wrestling business is doing fine without him and that he’s in no hurry to return.

“The wrestling world doesn’t necessarily need CM Punk and that’s absolutely fine. Everyone seems to be doing great,” he said in a recent interview with Raj Prashad of UPROXX.

Later, Punk said that if he were to return to the ring, he’d be more interested in wrestling Kenny Omega than Triple H.

“From a creative mind standpoint, stepping back and looking at the landscape of everything, there are people in WWE that I have wrestled before that maybe, in a certain situation could be interesting,” Punk said. “There’s also the business side of things. What’s the biggest possible match for CM Punk? I think there’s Kenny Omega on the one side. And, you know, unfortunately, ironically enough, for me to go back to WWE, who’s the biggest match for me? It’s probably Triple H. That’s ironic because it’s nothing I’m interested in. It’s just what it is. Am I going to be a businessman and say that’s the match, that’s the big-money match? Well, it’s not my money, so it’s not for me to say.”

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