Booker T Takes Controversial Shot At Aleister Black’s WWE Release

Booker T is never shy about offering up his take when it comes to WWE Superstars past and present. This time, he used his platform to talk about the recently released Aleister Black and his words weren’t exactly flattering.

Speaking about Black’s release on the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker noted: “You can’t give a guy intro, give him a black gimmick, a dark robe, and go out there and become a star.” Saying that while the entrance looked cool, [he mimicked Aleister Black’s entrance], he added, “…you just can’t get that gimmick and think because of the smoke and mirrors, you’re going to go out there and get over.”

Booker T added, “”Aleister Black is a good worker, but I’m looking for [a] guy that’s ‘talent’. I’m looking for [a] guy that’s going to go out and do things totally different than everybody else on the roster.” He noted talked about  Black’s MMA attire, his martial arts background and the Black Mass for the finisher. “I get it,” he said. “But, for me, Aleister Black was a guy that didn’t set himself apart from the rest of the guys in the locker room.”

When  viewers of Black’s Twitch stream asked if he’d seen Booker’s comments, Black said he hadn’t and that he didn’t keep up much with online talk and dirt sheet reports. But, he noted, “the way you phrased that question, I assume what he said wasn’t good.”

Without knowing the exact comments, only that a fan said Black didn’t separate himself enough from everyone else, Black responded, “For a guy who’s been in that company as long as he has, he should know. we have so little control in WWE.” He added, ”If the machine isn’t behind you, the machine isn’t behind you.”

Black Says That Isn’t Why He Was Released

Black noted he got released by WWE for a completely different reason than not standing out or being unique enough. There are too many factors, and not being on television for 7 months and his numbers being down had more to do with him being let go than any gimmick. “If you’re notion is that I look like everyone else, when I don’t look like everyone else… but enough about that.”

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