If Brock Lesnar Returns, WWE Should Keep Him Away From Paul Heyman

There’s a ton of buzz this week that a Brock Lesnar return to WWE might be imminent. He was added back to the WWE active Superstars page on the website and with live events coming around the corner, it makes sense that Vince McMahon and co. would see this as the right time to bring The Beast Incarnate back into the fold.

That said, if he does return, the last thing WWE should do is probably the first thing they’ll think to do: that’s to reunite him with his former advocate Paul Heyman.

Of course, Heyman will be the first thing fans associate with a Lesnar return. They worked together for years and it seems odd to envision Lesnar without Heyman beside him. But, if WWE can, they should avoid the urge to put these two side by side again.

Try Something Fresh With Lesnar

I’ll be following up this point by making others about what happens with the Roman Reigns character if Lesnar comes back only to be reconnected to Paul Heyman. Outside of the many sound reasons not to rob from Peter to pay Paul, Lesnar coming back in a different capacity to what fans are used to has a nice appeal to it.

Brock Lesnar dancing with Money In The Bank

We’ve seen the Lesnar and Heyman storyline before. This is not to say that it’s old and/or tired, but a fresh coat of paint isn’t the worst idea. Lesnar has the ability to do more than let Heyman be his talker. The Beast’s brief run with the Money in the Bank briefcase is proof of that.

If WWE is really concerned about it, give Lesnar someone else and who knows, you could potentially plant long-term storyline seeds that Heyman is jealous of Lesnar’s new manager.

Focus Of Reigns’ Character Shouldn’t Heyman

There are only two reasons Brock Lesnar would target Roman Reigns if he returned to SmackDown. First, it’s to win the Universal Championship. Because Lesnar makes for a great champion but has never really been a guy known to chase a title, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Second, it’s retribution overtaking his Advocate, Paul Heyman.

If Lesnar takes aim at Reigns over the right to have Heyman as his manager again, how exactly does all of this unfold?

Is Lesnar supposed to come back and whine that Heyman left? That doesn’t feel very Lesnar-like. The Beast Incarnate doesn’t need Heyman. In fact, Heyman should be lucky Lesnar allows him to be around. Throughout the history of Lesnar’s association with Heyman, Lesnar hasn’t needed Heyman to pull strings. He’s more than capable of doing the heavy lifting on his own.

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Lesnar The Babyface Is Fine, But Not At The Expense Of Reigns

There’s nothing wrong with having Brock Lesnar return as a babyface. It’s potentially unavoidable, since the WWE Universe may choose to cheer him. But, if he doesn’t and the natural tendency for WWE is to make Lesnar a heel, what does that mean for Reigns?


Clearly, Reigns is doing his best work as a bad guy. He’s not even remotely ready to go back to being a babyface yet. And, his partnership with Heyman has been a real win for WWE. With that in mind, a Lesnar and Reigns feud doesn’t really make sense since these two men should clearly be on opposite sides of coin.

WWE would be making a grave mistake by having a heel Lesnar come back and creative then say, ‘Oh, well, we can just make Reigns a babyface.’ I’m not sure Reigns would even go for it, and make no mistake, he’s got a lot of pull behind the scenes.

Reigns is smart enough to understand the logic behind a Lesnar vs. Reigns storyline. If Lesnar is upset at anyone, it should be Heyman for leaving and why would Reigns care? There’s no fighting over Heyman. Like Lesnar, Reigns doesn’t need his Special Counsel. Making him defend the honor of a man who carries around his title and gives him the microphone when needed makes little to no sense. You can see it in every promo where Heyman either stands a bit behind or well back of the Tribal Chief.

Reigns’ Ideal Storyline End With The Rock

Pairing Lesnar with Reigns only really makes sense if the idea is to have Lesnar win and ultimately reunite him with Heyman. With that comes giving him the Universal Championship. What sense does that make?

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman The Rock


Reigns’ character is on a clear path. He’s fighting with his family for the ultimate power in his own house and eventually WWE. Up to now, he’s been facing opponents we’ve all expected him to defeat. Lesnar is different. He’s probably the favorite in any match and if you were to have him lose, why bring him back at all?

The best use of Lesnar isn’t to put over Reigns. Reigns is already over. And, if Reigns is going to lose his title, all while it being part of his family storyline, it should be to The Rock who secures the win and frees his cousins, setting things right in the Anoa’i Family. Lesnar would just be a go-between or an obstacle to get to the ideal end result.

If they can, Reigns should hold the title until The Rock returns.

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