Alexander Wolfe Says WWE Used Rejected Sanity Ideas For Retribution

Former WWE Superstar Alexander Wolfe has revealed that WWE hung onto some rejected ideas that were originally intended for his old faction Sanity, and later used them for Retribution instead.

Wolfe opened up about what went wrong with Sanity in a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful. The German wrestler said that himself and his Santiy stable-mates pitched several ideas to WWE writers, but that the group was disbanded before many of them could be implemented.

“I saw a lot of ideas which happened with Retribution in the beginning,” Wolfe said when Sapp asked him about ideas he pitched for Sanity that never came to fruition. “We pitched like to mess up stuff. Like to, whatever, crash a car. To destroy windows. Mess around with security because we got banned by the actions of last week because we took somebody out,” he continued. “Just causing chaos, but controlled chaos for us because we are the creator of chaos and nobody knows what’s happening besides the guys who created it.”

Wolfe — who now goes by the name Axel Tischer — explained that chaos was the main idea behind Santiy, and said that the group didn’t need a 20-minute matches to get over, they just needed a brief segment where they could be the catalysts for a chaotic event.

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As you might recall, Sanity began life in NXT and initially consisted of Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, Nikki Cross, and Sawyer Fulton.

The group swapped out Fulton for Killian Dain, and after a successful NXT stint, Sanity was moved to WWE’s main roster. Sadly, the group wasn’t utilized to its full potential, and was eventually disbanded in April 2019 when Young was drafted to Raw via the Superstar Shake-up.

In August of 2020, a different faction named Retribution debuted on Raw. Retribution had a chaotic/anarchist gimmick that was very similar to Sanity’s. The group was disbanded earlier this year.

After the demise of Sanity, Wolfe moved back to NXT where he re-united with some old friends from his days on the German independent scene: Walter and Marcel Barthel. On the indies, their group was collectively known as Ringkampf, but at NXT they were known as Imperium.

Wolfe was released by WWE last month.

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