WWE Rumor Roundup – Big new member to join Roman Reigns’ faction, Top Superstar steals Samoa Joe’s move, Heat between two former world champions (7th June 2021)

We welcome you to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, and as always, we’ve got some big stories lined up.

Roman Reigns continues to grab all the headlines as the commanding Universal Champion on SmackDown, and we have all the backstage updates on WWE’s plans for The Tribal Chief.

A top superstar also admitted to stealing one of Samoa Joe’s moves during a recent interview. Another popular star revealed details of there being ‘giant heat’ between two former world champions.

We also have all the latest backstage notes regarding the company’s plans for Eva Marie.

We ended the roundup by focussing on the rumors surrounding the next WWE Draft.

#5. WWE’s plans for Roman Reigns, Hell in a Cell opponent, new member joining his faction, and more


Roman Reigns is indisputably the biggest star in the WWE at the moment, and The Tribal Chief’s reign as Universal Champion isn’t expected to end anytime soon.

WWE is also looking to strengthen his on-screen act by lining up some big booking plans.

WrestlingNews.co reported that the current plan is for Roman Reigns to face Rey Mysterio at Hell in a Cell for the Universal Championship.

WWE’s long-term plan is for The Usos to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The feud between Usos and The Mysterio Family will go on into the summer and the twins should ideally capture the tag team belts by the end of the program.

“We’re told that The Usos vs. Mysterio’s feud will continue into the summers, and the idea is that Jimmy and Jey will eventually be fully onboard with Reings’ vision, and they will win the SmackDown tag team titles by SummerSlam.”

A source close to the situation told WrestlingNews.co that WWE wants Roman Reigns to be on the same level as The Rock and John Cena. The company also intends to build up The Usos, and the expectation is that WWE will achieve its goal by SummerSlam.

“Obviously, the plan is to build Roman up, so fans see him as being on the level of Cena and Rock, but this is also about making Jimmy and Jey look strong, and we will get there by SummerSlam. This will be a tight-knit unit in a few months.”

WWE also plans to expand Reigns’ faction in addition to Jimmy and Jey Uso, with the promotion considering adding another member to the group.

While the superstar’s name who could join him and The Usos has not been revealed, SummerSlam will be a big night for The Bloodline.

Roman Reigns is set to be the focal point of WWE programming for the time to come, and the idea of having another superstar join his team sounds really promising. Who do you see joining with his stable?

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