SmackDown Winners And Losers: Rey Mysterio Challenges Roman Reigns, Dominik Sent Flying

This week’s SmackDown kicked off with Jimmy Uso calling out Roman Reigns. A simple, yet effective promo set the stage for the rest of the evening. From there, the blue brand offered up a tag match revolving around the Intercontinental Title, a win for Liv Morgan, another match between Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura, a showcase for Cesaro and an attack by Otis.

The real winner of the show was Roman Reigns. He did so many great things on Friday, it’s crystal clear why he’s the top dog in WWE right now.

Here are your winners and losers for SmackDown, June 11, 2021:

Winner: Jimmy Uso Promo
While the actual in-ring promo wasn’t anything spectacular, Jimmy did an excellent job of recapping last week’s events from SmackDown as Roman, Jey and Paul Heyman watched on. It doesn’t take long, drawn out rants for a segment to be effective and this proved it.

The real winners here were Roman Reigns who blamed Jey when it was himself who caused his cousins to lose their match last week, along with the backstage interaction between Jimmy and Jey when Jey got emotional about being stuck between his cousin and his brother.

This was short but effective.

Winner: Big E And Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn And Apollo Crews
A strong tag match between four competitors who were bound to put on a great in-ring performance, the takeaway here was Sami Zayn being pinned, then dismissed and Crews called for a rematch where his partner would be Commander Azeez.

Next week’s match will be Azeez’s big in-ring SmackDown debut. The likelihood is that he’s booked to shine as the brand’s lone big man. This could be a massive opportunity for WWE to set up the beginnings of a new star they believe has real potential.

Winner/Loser: Liv Morgan Vs Carmella
Last week Morgan got a good chance to show her stuff as a singles star but came up short. This week, she picked up a big win over Carmella.

She didn’t get in a ton of offence before picking up the pinfall and creative put the focus back on Carmella after the win, so this wasn’t a total victory. It felt more like WWE’s creative plan was to focus on the heel taking a loss but not really being bothered by it because she’s too focused on her reputation as the most beautiful woman in WWE.

Winner: Ding Dong, Hello
Easily the best edition of Ding Dong, Hello since it’s inception, the heels pumping each other’s tires was as annoying as it should have been for a couple of characters like Seth Rollins and Bayley. It was super grating on the ears, but that was the point and these two talents are among the best at it.

The segment went into overdrive when Cesaro rang the doorbell and attacked Rollins after the door opened to reveal The Swiss Superman had been waiting for his opportunity to strike. This made Cesaro look like a star and it had a Stone Cold Steve Austin meets Jake Roberts ripping off Rick Rude’s tights kind of vibe to it.

Bayley was hilarious in refusing not to look at Rollins in his undergarments. As Bayley looked to take stock of her destroyed set, Bianca Belair made an appearance at the top of the ramp and gave the challenger a taste of her own medicine by laughing in her face.

Good segment that built up the program for all parties involved.

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Winner: Chad Gable Vs. Montez Ford
It wasn’t an incredibly fast-paced match but it was technically sound and competitive. Montez Ford and Chad Gable went back and forth in a contest that proved both men should probably be getting more of the spotlight. Otis came out and attacked Ford to cause a disqualification.

The only real blip on this segment was that it appeared like Otis might have been a few seconds too late to break up the pin, which meant Cable kicked out of the frog splash. That was not ideal, but it was quickly forgotten when Otis laid a severe beatdown on The Street Profits.

A clean shaven Otis looked a bit more serious, signaling a bit of a shift in his character.

Loser: King Corbin Vs. Nakamura
This was the real loser of the night. A match that has happened so often in the past few weeks, WWE doesn’t even bother giving either competitor an entrance. Nakamura picked up the win with the roll up, putting each competitor at two wins and two losses.

The fact these two have fought so many times now makes the final match to win the crown a whole lot less impactful. That it has been placed on next week’s show instead of getting a spot on the pay-per-view shows just how little WWE cares about an idea that could have had legs.

It’s been the same thing week after week which made this segment feel a lot like it came out of a Raw episode. That’s not a good thing.

Winner: Roman Reigns Locker Room Promo
If you’re having a debate with a friend and ever need evidence to prove Reigns is the best thing going in WWE right now, just show them the below video. If you watch the promo back where Reigns appealed to Jimmy not to tear the family apart, you’ll see just how good he’s gotten at cutting an emotional promo. This might have been the Universal Champion’s best promo since debuting for the company. It was incredible.

Reigns put all the responsibility back on the shoulders of Jimmy and it felt like he got his cousin to buy into his mind-bending, over-the-top and dramatic speech about being an older brother.

Winner: Closing Segment
Rey Mysterio called out Reigns and challenged him to a match inside Hell in a Cell. Before Reigns could really respond, Rey attacked with a kendo stick. Unfortunately, The Tribal Chief overpowered his future challenger. Dominik made a save before Reigns could spear Rey, but again, Roman got the upper hand.

The key moment of the segment was Roman power-bombing Dominik out of the ring and out of camera shot. It was rare occasion where WWE used post-production to add a little something to a regular brawl. It worked.

This was a great way to close the show and the post-production is something fans will miss when WWE goes back to live crowds.

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