Braun Strowman has already massively changed his look after WWE release

However, we regret to break it to you, but the iconic and bushy beard is no more.

On Thursday, he took it to Instagram to announce that the beard that was feared has been let go and now we must get used to this sight.

He wrote: “Since I figured the cats out the bag already. I cut my beard for the first time in a decade and while I’m still adjusting to it I ain’t mad at  it!!!!! #MLMR #FreshStart”


His fresh start further took him to Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, where he again took to Instagram to post a photo of him petting a baby tiger.

A reflective Strowman then wrote: “This was a life changing experience for me to see up close what amazing creatures god has put on this earth and reminded me how important it is to preserve and support these beautiful animals for our future generations to see.”

The beard is not all that’s happening in his life right now, though.

The former WWE star recently made the headlines for a few wrong reasons, with the word being that indie promoters find his asking price to be too high.


Strowman then had to clarify that he hadn’t spoken to a promoter at all.

“Let me just get this FYI out. I have not spoken to anyone about bookings. But if you wanna talk business the email to my agent is in my bio. Thank for any confusion you may be reading online,” he wrote on Twitter.

Who else is afraid that a five-figure sum is tough to get now that the beard is gone? Or are we taking it too far?

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