Roman Reigns dumping Dominik Mysterio out of the ring on WWE SmackDown was brutal

The feud between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio ramped up a notch on SmackDown this week, with a match now locked in for Hell in a Cell later this month.

It started on Friday night with Rey waiting for the Universal Champion to appear in the ring. Once he eventually appeared on top of the ramp, a tense battle of words began, with Rey laying down the gauntlet, even going as far as to say “I would fight you in Hell in a Cell.”

As Reigns starts to respond, a kendo stick suddenly was slid into the ring by Mysterio’s feet, and that’s when things escalated.

Rey suddenly attacked Reigns using the weapon, but that was only until The Tribal Chief grabbed the stick and head-butted his smaller foe.

Reigns then picked up his challenger onto his shoulders, ready to deliver a nasty Powerbomb. However, while being picked up, Rey managed to grab hold of the kendo stick, meaning that as he was on the shoulders of Reigns, he could smash the champion over the head with the object.

Reigns dropped, with Rey landing on his feet, allowing him to attack the dazed champion some more. Reigns, though, once again stopped the kendo stick attack and pushed Rey through the ropes and out of the ring

With Reigns recovering from the punishment of the stick, Rey re-entered the ring, only to be on the receiving end of a Superman Punch.

Reigns was about to start his finishing move on Mysterio, but that was until his son Dominik stepped in with another kendo stick and started beating Reigns.

The clever and cunning champ, though, body kicked Dominik, which led to him dropping the weapon, and that is when Reigns struck.

Lifting Dominik over his head, Reigns then charged towards to opposite side of the ring, before dumping his rival over the top rope and down to the mat outside.


It truly was a jaw-dropping moment and a brutal bump. Credit to Dominik for taking it as not many Superstars would want to free-fall backwards over the top rope.

As the virtual audience booed, Reigns was taking it all in until another kendo stick strike from behind by Rey. They both dropped out of the ring and as Mysterio attended to his son, Reigns kicked him in the head before walking out of the arena.

Mad scenes in the world of WWE!

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