Thunder Rosa hits back at WWE’s Triple H over his comments on NWA Women’s PPV

james recently admitted she wanted the best wrestling talent in the world to feature on the PPV, regardless of their contract status. However, Triple H did not agree with this sentiment.

“Equality is equality, equality is not, ‘I want my own show’,” the NXT founder said on a recent media call. “Equality is not, ‘We have to have our own program.’ If I told you that I was making an all-men’s program and I didn’t want women on it, it would be criticized. And I’m not saying that’s right or wrong. I do think it’s funny when people go, ‘I want the best in the world regardless of contractual status.’ What, I’m sorry… but from a business person’s standpoint, then why do we have contractual status?

“If you want to wrestle the best women in the world, come to the WWE.”

The comments from Triple H came to the attention of NWA star Thunder Rosa, who has pinned her clap-back to her Twitter account.

“The Best Female Wrestlers are not located in one company not even in one country,” she wrote. “They are spread over many companies and many countries! Talented women across the Globe!”

As well as being an NWA wrestler and mixed martial artist, Rosa is the owner of Mission Pro Wrestling, an independent professional wrestling promotion for women.

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