Rey Mysterio Vs Roman Reigns Is A Perfect Feud Before WWE SummerSlam

For over twenty-five years, Rey Mysterio has carved a path through Mexico, ECW, WCW, WWE, and nearly every other promotion in the world to be the biggest name in Lucha Libra history. Since the legendary Luchador got his start in the business at just 14 years old, he has found himself in a very unique position to be young enough to still go, but an over thirty-year veteran.

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He also gets to not only show his son Dominik the ropes, he gets to work with him as well. The father and son are the first-ever father and son to be the tag team champions. But in their recent title defense against the Usos, and enraged Tribal Chief Roman Reigns took out Rey before obliterating Dominik. Should the veteran go blood for blood on Reigns and look for revenge, it would indeed be the right kind of feud the WWE needs to head towards SummerSlam with.

Spend Father’s Day In Hell

Rey Mysterio

The story just about writes itself – Roman claims to be a family man. As the Tribal Chief, he is consumed with providing for his family, provided they acknowledge him as The Head Of The Table. However, after the way he laid waste to Rey’s son, one would expect the WWE’s Biggest Little Man to come after Roman with both guns blazing, so to speak.

Roman Vs. Rey is also one of the only matches that has barely happened, if as all. Rey vs. Roman might not make a lot of sense with Reigns currently being booked as unstoppable, but a father looking to help his son is a very dangerous man that The Tribal Chief shouldn’t take lightly, especially if their match is inside the Cell.

Rey Mysterio Is Wrestling’s Best Giant Killer

Rey Mysterio Victorious

One aspect of Rey Mysterio’s career that often gets lost is his propensity to chop down every superstar he’s ever faced. While he’s 99.9 percent of the time the smallest man in the ring, he has also been able to take down many big men throughout his long and storied career. In the latter half of his career, Mysterio has been sort of “just another wrestler,” but it would very easy to heat The King Of Mystery back up to the mythical proportions of him being the giant slayer.

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Some of that sweet WWE video package interlaced with an impassioned promo – “all Roman wants to be is acknowledged. I do acknowledge him, I acknowledge him as a giant, and in case anyone has forgotten, I slay giants!”

Paul Heyman’s Promos Would Be Incredible

Rey Mysterio And Paul Heyman

The day after Reigns’ heinous assault on Dominik, Paul Heyman was on Talking Smack, offering Rey Mysterio some of his special counsel, free of charge. In his rant, Heyman understood why Rey Mysterio would want vengeance, but begged him to not to carry out that crusade.

With Paul Heyman on his pulpit, he can preach the importance of family to both Rey and Roman. He would also speak about how in some ways, he thinks of Rey as family due to employing him in ECW and later featuring him as a member of the Smackdown Six. His admiration for the legendary Luchador would drive Roman over the edge, pondering what side Paul is on – even though no one else would think that Heyman would leave Roman for Mysterio.

Roman Reigns Needs Credible Challengers

Pause reading this for a moment and peruse The Smackdown Roster. You’ll quickly realize that while there is a huge dearth of talent, there is not a single soul who is in Roman’s league right now. The champion’s Island Of Relevancy is a lonely place at the moment. Yes, Smackdown is a much better show than Raw, but 90 percent of that reason is the Universal Champion. There aren’t many on the roster that are believable choices to topple The Tribal Chief at this moment, and if there are – Roman’s already smashed ‘em and stacked ‘em. While no “smart mark” WWE fan would think that Rey Mysterio is going to be the guy to end Roman’s reign of terror, he is a legend of pro wrestling who can give Reigns a couple of months of great matches and a compelling storyline heading into whoever challenges him at SummerSlam. His awesome match with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2019 is proof that Mysterio can still deliver in big-time title matches.

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As he undoubtedly is nearing the twilight of his career, Rey Mysterio’s career has shifted focus to making sure Dominik has all of the tools to help his own success in the industry. But no one should ever count him out of any championship hunt. Plus, he’s such an over legacy talent that anytime he comes for the world title, it’s a welcome shift from the usual band of misfits at the top of the card.

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