Beware Holding The Raw Tag Team Titles With Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has held the Raw Tag Team Titles a number of times, and most of his partners are no longer with WWE.

While WWE has been busy trying, and eventually succeeding, to make Roman Reigns the face of the company, Seth Rollins has quietly become one of its most valuable assets. Well, maybe not quietly. The Architect is a multi-time World Champion and the proud owner of what might be the greatest finish to a WrestleMania in the show’s almost 40-year history.

It isn’t only World Titles Rollins has been winning during that time. He has also been a pretty formidable tag team partner, both as a part of The Shield and since he caused the group to break up. Rollins has been a Raw Tag Team Champion no fewer than six times with five different people. Pretty impressive.

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However, what has happened to four of those five partners seems to suggest winning gold with Rollins is a curse. Other than Roman Reigns, everyone who has been a Tag Team Champion with The Kingslayer is no longer an active WWE Superstar. Dean Ambrose is now Jon Moxley, Braun Strowman and Buddy Murphy have both been released, and Jason Jordan has been on the sidelines for so long at this point that it seems more and more likely he will never wrestle again.

Rollins isn’t the only WWE Superstar who seems to have a curse like this attached to him. Randy Orton is currently on a run of inadvertently sending his peers to AEW. Mark Henry becoming All Elite last month makes it four people Orton has had televised segments with at the tail end of their WWE tenures. The other three are Big Show, Christian, and Matt Hardy.

This is all in good fun, of course, and Rollins teaming with people who end up leaving, getting injured, or being wished well in their future endeavors is just one big coincidence. It would be rather amusing if he and WWE were to utilize it in a storyline, though. Since Reigns is the last man standing, and the two of them seem to be on a collision course, the chance to bring it up on TV could be fast approaching.

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