John Cena Gets Tripped Up By Interviewer About Possible SummerSlam Appearance

There are rumors everywhere that WWE is working on a John Cena return and just in time for SummerSlam. While part of an interview about the F9 film (Fast and Furious) one interview subtly alluded to him possibly appearing and Cena wasn’t ready for the question.

While chatting with Tara Hitchcock about joining the franchise, she asked what his plans for the summer were. Saying he was just going to relax, she asked if he was going to Vegas. He asked, “What’s in Vegas?” to which she responded, “I heard there’s something called SummerSlam.” Cena got to laughing and said, “That was a good way to do that.”

Saying he was in the middle of filming Peacemaker and having talked to a lot of people for interviews, he said his mind was a bit scattered and he didn’t even pick up on the clues she was dropping. She joked that it would have been great if he’d bestowed the return news to a reporter that didn’t know much about wrestling and he simply said, “There’s a lot going on, I don’t want to create expectations I can’t manage.”

This could have been Cena simply playing dumb and pretending not to know what was happening August 21st. This also could have him legitimately not picking up on the signals which suggests SummerSlam isn’t even close to his highest of priorities. Cena is good and always very controlled in his interviews. He probably knew exactly what was going on and simply didn’t want to provide any hints.

Will Cena Appear?

The question remains, is Cena going to be at WWE’s biggest even of the summer? A number of reports suggest that’s the plan and fans probably won’t know until the event comes.

WWE may choose to promote his attendance and if they do, he’ll likely talk about it. If they want to keep it a surprise, there are few better than Cena at pretending he has no idea what anyone is talking about.


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