Samoa Joe Has Returned To NXT, Could Assume William Regal’s Role Later This Week [Report]

Update: PWInsider is now reporting Samoa Joe has indeed returned to NXT and will occupy a non-wrestling role.

Original story: As reports continue to swirl surrounding Samoa Joe’s potential return to NXT, it seems that should it happen, he will be taking the reigns from William Regal.

After weeks of the five Superstars involved trying to kill each other, In Your House’s NXT Title match was eventually settled in the ring. Not before a few incidents on the night itself, of course. After Karrion Kross won the match, In Your House went off the air with an ominous statement from William Regal suggesting he might be stepping back as the brand’s GM.

William Regal Has Had Enough

In the hours since that announcement from Regal, fans have made the connection between that story and the one suggesting Samoa Joe is nearing an NXT return. Dave Meltzer led that charge on Wrestling Observer Radio. Before Regal’s bombshell, Meltzer claims he was led to believe the role Joe is being brought back for is “Regal-like”.

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Meltzer went on to say that if Regal is indeed leaving, or at least stepping back from his current role, then Joe is now the favorite to take his place. It would certainly be fitting of everything that is going on. The reason Regal is potentially stepping back is because he feels he can no longer control the locker room. Even though he might not be cleared, Joe’s background and presence would be far more likely to keep the troublemakers in check.

Commissioner Joe

These are all rumors for now, of course, even if they do make a lot of sense. There’s a chance Meltzer and NXT fans have connected the wrong dots. WWE has already revealed Regal’s announcement will be made on Tuesday night’s episode. It’s possible Regal reveals he is not stepping away and is instead bringing Joe on board as his enforcer, or to act as his more physical and intimidating number two.

Whatever happens, there seems to be a widespread hope that Joe is indeed returning to the company, especially if it’s with NXT. Unlike other recently released Superstars, Joe has been pretty much silent since he was let go. He enjoyed a terrific run in NXT, one that wasn’t plagued by injuries like his run on Raw. It makes all the sense in the world that Triple H would want to bring him back on board if at all possible.

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