WWE Turning Roman Reigns Babyface Would Ruin Their Hard Work

Roman Reigns run as a heel, simply put, has been near perfect in just about every aspect.

It’s the polar opposite of Reigns’ giant babyface push, which commenced at the 2015 Royal Rumble. Over the next three years, WWE spent ample time trying to make him the next face of the company. He headlined four straight WrestleMania events (2015 to 2018) along with several other marquee pay-per-views.

But for several reasons, the WWE Universe refused to accept Reigns as the new franchise star. He simply couldn’t win over the crowd the way John Cena, The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin did many years earlier. It was totally obvious that Reigns was better suited as a heel, and it finally came to be at the end of SummerSlam 2020.

Fast forward about 10 months later, however, and it already sounds like Reigns’ heel turn isn’t exactly here to stay.

Another Face Turn On The Horizon? 

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Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio recently reported that WWE’s plan is to eventually make Reigns a face again.

A WWE source told Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co that Reigns “the guy who will carry the company for the next few years and Vince sees him as his top priority.” The source also said that the WWE chairman has the simple goal to “Protect Roman at all costs.”

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On one hand, it’s easy to understand WWE’s apparent mindset here. In order to make Reigns a top-notch babyface again, it was necessary to give him a run as a heel. The other option was to run the same old, same old and simply hope that the fans would eventually buy him as a face. That obviously wasn’t going to work.

But making Reigns a face again will just undo all of this hard work that WWE has put together over the past 10 months. In short, it’s imperative that WWE keeps pushing Reigns as a heel, and nothing else.

WWE Must Learn From Past Mistakes

Reigns cannot be blamed entirely for failing to win the fans over. It was simply a case of “too much, too soon.”

With all due respect to Reigns, winning the Royal Rumble, several major titles and headlining four straight WrestleMania events (2015 to 2018) in a rather short span was never going to sit well with the fans.

WWE has spent all this time building Reigns into a well-received and highly successful heel. But is the goal really to make him a face again in the very near future? How will that work after the fans spent the better part of four years rejecting him?

Everything about this version of Roman Reigns is working. WWE is letting him be himself, and he has pieced together excellent programs with other top-tier stars like Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Edge. It’s not the time to move away from that.

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Reigns is garnering the crowd reactions that you want. He’s the heel that the fans love to cheer against, rather than the face they all want to lose. And dropping all of this hard work just to make him the top babyface of WWE is simply too risky.

If WWE makes Reigns a babyface again, they’ll just put themselves in position to repeat the same mistakes from 2015 to 2018: More instances of “Too much, too soon.”

Stick With Roman Reigns, The Heel

At the end of the day, WWE has little reason to make any drastic changes in regards to Reigns’ character, direction and storyline. SmackDown is flourishing under Reigns, in terms of both viewership and quality.

WWE shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. As long as the WWE Universe is receiving and enjoying what the company is putting on television, they need to stick with it. And that means keeping Roman Reigns on as a heel over the long run. They shouldn’t even think about a babyface turn for at least another year or two.

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