Sheamus’ Celtic Cross Pendant Among Items Stolen At WWE ThunderDome

Sheamus has revealed that his very popular Celtic Cross pendant was among items stolen during a recent WWE event.

The University of South Florida Police Department put out a tweet on June 5 asking for help identifying a man caught on camera stealing property from the Yuengling Center in Tampa Florida. Said structure is part of the University’s campus.

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Sheamus, the current WWE United States Champion, has since taken to the aforementioned social media platform to make it known that his pendant was one of the items which were stolen. He’s also offered ringside seats and beers to anyone who helps with identifying the thief.

The cross is pretty famous and one that wrestling fans would immediately notice given that Sheamus has been wearing it on TV for a very long time. That isn’t to say there aren’t a number of replicas out there.

“..a lovely fella stole my cross (on camera below),” the WWE superstar tweeted this week. “I’d appreciate it if you internet sleuths could track it down & return it via details below.. ringside seats reward when we return to your town & many beers.”

What Else Did The Perp Make Off With?

The incident in question took place on Saturday, May 22 between 12:10 AM and 1:58 AM. Some fans have made claims of the thief also making away with title belts, likely the Raw team titles based on the surveillance photos provided by the police.

The lawmen have also revealed that the perpetrator is wanted for Grand Theft Auto and might have made attempts at identity theft. They are looking for a Hispanic male with brown hair, a mustache, and a light goatee who is believed to be between the ages of 25-30.

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