Why Edge Vs Roman Reigns Needs To Main Event SummerSlam 2021

The WrestleMania 37 main event between Roman Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan at night two created arguably the best WWE match of 2021 so far. WWE initially booked Reigns vs Edge, but they added Bryan due to the singles program lacking the juice for the biggest match of the year. One huge positive from the change was Edge getting to show sides of his old heel persona again by switching things up.

The ruthless Edge that fans remembered most fondly looked amazing in his performance against Reigns before falling short. WWE has kept Edge off television completely since WrestleMania with fans anticipating a big return. The news of SummerSlam 2021 taking place in Las Vegas with the hope of selling 60,000+ seats created a perfect scenario. Find out just why Edge coming back to face Reigns is the only logical main event.

Star Power

Few realistic matches will match the star power of Edge vs Roman Reigns with the right story behind it. Edge wasn’t at his best playing a babyface character, but he came off like the legend he is for their WrestleMania 37 match when becoming a tweener. The massive reaction showed that fans were not only excited to be back at a wrestling show but also to show love for the iconic character.

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Reigns will need a major name to face him at such an important show this summer. The Rock, John Cena and Brock Lesnar all seem unrealistic as the part-timers WWE loves to book. Rock and Cena’s acting schedules will rule them out. Brock having his first program back against Reigns may be rushing the natural Paul Heyman feud if he does even return this year.

Edge vs Roman Reigns

None of the active stars have the same appeal as Edge both as a credible name who could beat Reigns or as a top draw. Fans loved the interactions between the two in their triple threat match, which means there is money on the table to sell out that venue.


The WrestleMania 37 victory for Roman Reigns was dominant as can be with how he pinned both Daniel Bryan and Edge. WWE doubled down on Reigns being the top star with such a statement victory on the biggest stage. Bryan losing another title shot to Roman led to him being forced to leave Smackdown in another huge Reigns victory.

Edge coming back will tie into Roman’s dominance as the other half of that equation trying to get his revenge. A legend suffering such a brutal loss on the big stage could add another element of viciousness to Edge’s character. The changes earlier in the year already show that fans will cheer that side of him more than a generic good guy.

Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan and Edge

An obsessed Edge looking to get another shot at Reigns could create the story of him going through the Usos since Jey played a role in their WrestleMania outing. WWE has a ready-made story with the prior work between the two top stars not having a clean payoff.

Great Ending Either Way

The magic of an Edge vs Roman Reigns match at SummerSlam 2021 will see a huge finish regardless of who leaves with the Universal Championship. WWE will mark a full year since Roman returned in 2020 as a heel for the first time as a singles star. The symmetry of Reigns dropping the title here would make sense for both him and Edge.

Fans selling out a huge venue for Edge’s big moment of redemption gives chills to any diehard fan thinking about the event. The comeback story of Edge making his return after such a long retirement adds that emotional aspect even if he does show his heel side. Fans showering Edge with love to end the show has the potential to become an iconic moment.

Edge at WrestleMania 37

WWE can also go even further in establishing Roman’s dominance by giving him another definitive victory. Reigns showing his excellence by continuing to take down his challengers in shocking fashion can keep going since fans are now returning. The act is hotter than ever and will connect for more heat. WWE finds a dream scenario of instant fan connection and a great story if booking Edge vs Roman at SummerSlam. As long as WWE doesn’t overthink it and provides a clean finish either way, it should go great.

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