WWE’s Rumored Plans For Roman Reigns Babyface Character Turn, [Theory]

During Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer made a comparison between Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns and noted that both WWE and AEW intend to eventually turn their respective champions babyface. He did suggest, however, there was one big difference between the two stars.

Noting that AEW has been writing storylines and segments with Omega’s run as champion so that an eventual babyface turn makes sense, WWE is not all that worried about how Roman is portrayed during his heel run. Their only caveat is that he can’t look like a coward. Meltzer notes, “WWE is trying to book Roman Reigns and tell you ‘eh it doesn’t matter, he’s gonna kill the guy.’”

For example, this week, Reigns essentially ran through both Rey and Dominik Mysterio on their way to Hell in a Cell. It’s expected creative will let Rey get in a little David-vs-Goliath type action, but eventually Reigns will win decisively at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. All of this is sticking in line with WWE’s eventual plans to make Reigns one of the top good guys in the company.

Speculation is that WWE wants to elevate Reigns so he can be brought up in the same conversations as John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Bruno Sammartino. The idea seems to be that as he barrels through everyone, he’s a believable foe for The Rock, if WWE eventually gets that match booked.

A Turn Vs. The People’s Champion?

This is just speculation, but might his match with The Rock be the ideal time to turn Roman back to a babyface character? It’s a long ways down the road that these two would meet, but the storyline essentially writes itself.

After the two battle tooth-and-nail in a high-impact and emotional contest, The Rock convinces Reigns to come back to the family, but for the right reasons.  It would be an emotional moment the fans would eat up and it could set Reigns on the path for being the face of the company after The Rock “passes on the torch”, so to speak.

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