MVP”Je bent een leugenaar” – MVP Stuurt een hot-bericht naar een voormalig WWE champion

During the last years of the WWE programming, MVP has established itself as one of the most important elements in the RAW format. At the moment, it looks as if the MVP is looking for a sponsor, as it was on the way to Kofi Kingston, jamaica.For the past few weeks, as the former WWE champion, the USA has been trying to convince people of Kingston, jamaica to accept his offer to become a member of the business models. Although, as the manager of Bobby Lashley came to him a couple of times, Kingston, jamaica continued to refuse to allow the MVP.

In special, the inferno, the latest edition of WWE The Bump, and the MVP expresses his feelings about the Kingston, jamaica, he had some strong words for the 14-time tag team champion,
“There is a clown in every circus,” he said of the MVP. – If you have the needed comedy relief, and call for a New Day, and they shall come and sing and dance, you will be entertained, and they’ll give you something, haha. Cool. How long does Kofi Kingston is the WWE champion? How long was his reign last? When he stepped into the ring with Brock Leshara, how was the fight?”
– What are you going to be here, in the mountains, and take what you can and share with your family and friends will spend a period of time, and it makes people laugh, and I think it says a lot about your personality and what you don’t have what it takes to be WWE champion.” MVP continues. “He’s trying to bring it down by saying,’ Hey, I don’t need this, I’m done.” You’re a liar, Kofi Kingston, jamaica. Because, if you’re a WWE champion, it’s me. I don’t think that you have what you need, and that is the reason why you have to be happy-to-date and [Also] the Forests, and the playing of video games and anything that you do, because you no longer have to compete seriously.”

For the MVP, alleging that Kingston was pleased with himself, because he has always been socialised with Xavier Woods, and while he was aware reputation as a singles star. He insisted that he could help to Instagram to achieve great things.

MVP was instrumental in Bobby Lashley’s rise to the top of the WWE
Bobby Lashley and WWE MVP
Bobby Lashley and WWE MVP
Last year’s MVP, along with Bobby Lashley, and the duo has grown to be the main couple in the WWE. They were in the form of the business, which quickly grew to be one of the most dominant sides in the conflict, because everyone will be in the benefit of his or her role in the group.With the MVP, on the other hand, Lashley was dominating the WWE United States Championship. I Won the Miz in March, winning his first WWE championship, and after 16 years in the business.

Will Lashley will defend the WWE united states. Went to the championship?????????? in a hell in a cell tonight. With a preview of Hell in a Cell, due to Sportskeeda that can be found in the video below.

Who do you think will come out of Hell and into the Cage, as the WWE champion? Sound off in the comments section below.

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