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Mick Foley, for the first time, I don’t like the idea of ​​Vince and Instagram trying to get him to the WWE friendly, and on January 4, 1999, the episode of WWE RAW. historically, Foley pushed Rock-on-Rock-for-the-first, to win the WWE title. Rock won the title twice, against Foley, before embarking on a rivalry with Steve Austin to lead Wrestlemania XV.

Foley, I wish he would compete with me in the final leg of the Broken Skull “Austin” sessions. At the Hall of Fame he said Vince McMahon should have convinced him to win the WWE title, from the top of the cliff.
“I had a chance to win this title, so when he told me, he also told me that he would like to change his name to something, I think this is the right time,” Foley said. “I swear to God, I can’t say I do it and I say in my mind, I thought Scots were looking at Ashton Kutcher [formerly, a hidden camera show, Punk manager] a man in the middle of the woods, because people don’t want to face the cost.” “And then I have to convince him to change our name.”

As a Man, Foley earned his second WWE title, to receive the sound of a special Halftime Heat event at the Super Bowl XXXIII. Two weeks later, the name Foley’s Rock came to light, which had never been shipped to Austin.
Vince McMahon’s Trusted Mick Foley To Be The Best On The Rock,

Vince McMahon, and later hired by Wip, and Mick Foley as tag team partners
Vince McMahon, and later hired by Wip, and Mick Foley as tag team partners
Although he is a rock star and, in time, became one of the most popular stars in the WWE, he received mixed reactions from fans during the first two years of his career. In “The Broken Skull Sessions,” Mick Foley said, as he always did, that The Stone should be set as Vince McMahon’s company name. He, too, felt it was his duty to ensure that WWE fans promoted him as a bad man — in the midst of their controversy.
“That’s when I decided to try to make sure someone was more valuable, and when we’re done, I feel like this is one of the most successful people in the world,” Foley said. “If someone didn’t win, I would be, in the sense that we lost, no matter how good the games were.”

Foley has managed to do his job as the leading boyfriend in the Stone affair. After their feud, The Rock lost the WWE tournament to Steve Austin in Wrestlemania XV. He made his on-screen relationship with Vince ???????????, before that he was a kid, and the rest is history.

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