Cesaro sends a message to his former tag partner before an argument with Seth Rollins hell in the Cell

Cesaro sent a message to his former team-mate of Sheamus. After you found a great European Championship victory over Turkey, Cesaro took to Twitter for a Q & A session.During a Q & A session, Cesaro asks if he is still missing out on the tag team, Seamus, at the Bar. The former WWE United States champion responded to the celebration of Switzerland’s victory over Turkey in addition to the current WWE United States champion.

In a tweet, Cesaro, added that he and Seamus will always be together.

Together, Cesaro, and Sheamus is one of the most trusted teams in recent memory. After they competed in a series of matches against each other, then-RAW general manager Mick Foley, along with the duo. The two men, who they have named their team the “Bar,” and she continues to enjoy great success.The Bar has won the RAW Tag Team Championship four times. Cesaro and Seamus also won once, the SmackDown Tag Team Tournament.However, in 2019, the partners went their separate ways: Seamus suffered a concussion, Cesaro was drafted to RAW, and then shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that the Bar was in the past.

Cesaro had a couple of star-2021
Cesaro and Seth Rollins in the WWE
Cesaro and Seth Rollins in the WWE
2021 turned out to be one of the most remarkable years of Cesaro’s career. “The swiss Superman” received a major boost when an opponent on SmackDown, and he was one of the most important stars on the blue brand.In the past few months, Cesaro is in a house with a car, Instagram, and WWE Hell in a Cell, it will once again be the face of the former WWE Universal Champion in a match. Of the participants, rather the opposite of each other on the Wrestlemania 37, where Cesaro for the win.

What do you think of the Cesaro the Bar’s note? Do you like to be a team with Seamus? Sound off in the comments section below.Now, head over to Youtube and SKIN as well as exclusive interviews with Bobby Lashley, and Drew??????????.
Now, head over to Youtube and SKIN as well as exclusive interviews with Bobby Lashley, and Drew??????????.

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