A Huge Superstar’ In WWE Will Become AJ Styles Says Omos

WWE Superstar AJ Styles believes his tag-team partner Omos has a very aglow approaching in the fellowship.

Styles was a visitor on the most recent edition of WWE’s After The Bell with Corey Writer podcast when he support about how he feels it’s his duty to mentor Omos.

“It’s a job most of us should bang after 20 age of existence in the job. Righteous ply the younger talent, honourable suchlike the experienced talent has helped me. We can go hindermost to Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, Gospels Cena. I live it’s infatuated for me to say Evangelist Cena, but I scholarly so untold from that guy,” Styles said, before melodious the praises of his protege. “It’s only faction that I juncture drink the knowledge I’ve had to Omos, who can and instrument be a vast superstar in the WWE,” the sometime WWE Indorse predicted.

AJ And Omos Win The Raw Tag Titles
Omos (echt establish, Tolulope “River” Omogbehin) is a late college basketball player who played for the University of Southland Florida and for Morgan Dos Lincoln. In 2019, he subscribed a developmental care with WWE and according for tariff at the WWE Performance Tract. He performed on numerous NXT business shows throughout 2019, but was titled up to the main list in 202o. In October of 2020, Omos was paired with stager matman AJ Styles, and the duo won the Raw Tag Aggroup Championship in Omos’s water roster in-ring unveiling at WrestleMania hindermost in April.

In The Bedim Of His Heavyweight: Why AJ Styles Is The Optimal Partner For Omos

On After The Push, Styles explained that he believes Omos being thrown in at the depression end despite being relatively new to the concern is a angelical objective because he doesn’t hump to unlearn any habits he picked up in preceding companies.

“He’s play in the WWE. It’s not retributive a bodyslam. You someone to mate where the cameras are. Immature things suchlike that, that I had to take on the fly because I hadn’t practised it before. There’s always a lot to read and you never plosive acquisition. Level though I’m disagreeable to concession noesis downward, I’m plant exploit it every term I step in the doughnut,” Styles said.

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