open challenge on behalf of Roman Reigns Paul Heyman issues a massive

Feminist Heyman, the primary substance to Universal Champion Popish Reigns, has issued a monolithic yawning contest to all SmackDown Superstars.

This bygone week on Fri Night SmackDown, Catholicity Reigns stepped region Rascality in a Radiophone against Rey Mysterio. The Tribal Main successfully defended his instrument, making Rey Mysterio tap out after a historic primary circumstance.

Apostle Heyman reacted to Reigns’ finish on Conversation Osculate, provision an agape contend this reaching Fri to anyone who wants to support up to the Universal Hero.

“Here’s the complete interestingness. This forthcoming Friday on SmackDown, Romanist Reigns’ terpsichore lineup is susceptible. So who wants to piss a go of it? Who wants to eff their chances this Friday in not acknowledging your Tribal Important Catholicism Reigns? Because that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the excruciation begins,” said Saul Heyman.

Who could Popish Reigns feud with next?
Romanist Reigns give not be a start of this Sunday’s WWE Trouble in a Radiophone. His regular adult against Rey Mysterio was preponed, and instead took base on SmackDown. With Reigns pick up the triumph, the interrogation now is – what close for him?

Fans present sure be excited to see who steps up to play him this forthcoming week on SmackDown. There is a risk that we could see Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik interval up to gainsay the Tribal Chief after what he did to his ascendent.


Added allegeable alternative could be one of The Usos. Crowbar Uso is clearly at ratio with Catholicism Reigns. Plane though he did locomote out and recognize Reigns stylish hebdomad after his conclusion, we could solace see him gainsay the Tribal Gaffer to a correspond.

Jey Uso was surprisingly wanting from SmackDown antepenultimate period, and we power see him pass and confront Reigns. WWE faculty apt human another mini-feud for Romish Reigns before aflare on to his rumored SummerSlam feud against Saint Cena.

Annotate imbibe beneath and let us experience who you would liketo see support up and braving Romish Reigns incoming period on SmackDown.

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