WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2021 5 Reasons why Kofi Kingston is challenging Bobby Lashley

After imperfectness to surmount the obstacle of Histrion McIntyre before Roguery in a Radiophone, Kofi Town is eventually in WWE call tilt at Money in the Finances 2021. Perdition in a Cadre noticeable Player McIntyre’s ultimate WWE Title possibleness, at slightest while Bobby Lashley soothe holds the instrument.

Patch Drew McIntyre’s pursuit leave now be the Money in the Ridge briefcase in his “terminal possibleness” qualifying jibe against AJ Styles and Randy Orton this week, Kofi Kingston has secured a WWE right effort.

Bobby Lashley had no irresolution when accepting his contend. But on the nighttime after Hell in a Cadre, the WWE Shielder entered the steel artefact erst again to decimate New Day member Missionary Woods.

RAW ended with Bobby Lashley brutalizing Xavier Woods privileged the room patch Kofi Town watched on impotently. He transmitted out a communication to Bobby Lashley onwards of their Money in the Bank encounter:

Here are a few reasons why Kofi Town is challenging Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title at Money in the Array 2021:

5. A filler feud for Bobby Lashley at Money in the Funds 2021Bobby Lashley is enjoying his mortal life in WWE
Bobby Lashley is enjoying his best life in WWE

It would be unjust to order Kofi Town a “filler” hostile to Bobby Lashley at Money in the Container, but there is some abolitionist to it. Bobby Lashley walked into WrestleMania 37 with the WWE instrument for the foremost abstraction, and he preserved it after defeating Player McIntyre.

His reign has now surpassed 100 days, and numerous are aspiring that Brock Lesnar give instrument to WWE as they organization to pee SummerSlam 2021 the largest event of the assemblage. Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar is the manage to piss, and at this convexity, zip else faculty fit fans.

It would be riveting for Bobby Lashley to acquire a victorious instrument aggregation over Kofi Town, who Brock Lesnar dethroned to win his parting Class championship.

Kofi Town is as rightful a challenger as any top topology on the list, but his personation at Money in the Give gift liable be to get Bobby Lashley over. 4. To shape Kofi Kingston as a convincing water eventer at Money in the BankKofi Town and Missionary Woods took “sharing a wassail” to a integral new dismantle
Kofi Kingston and Missionary Woods took “giving a toast” to a complete new destroy
At Money in the Ridge, Kofi Town has the possibleness to discover yellow twice. Kofi Kingston’s most evidential gathering in WWE was 2019, as most of it was spent in WWE right pursuits and then a surprisingly lengthy rule as the front African-born WWE Competitor in story.

Spell he was a thinkable water eventer, he was straightaway distant from the top take formerly Brock Lesnar squashed him in Oct 2019 to trance the WWE Title.

Modify in blackball, RAW needs important circumstance superstars, and Kofi Kingston is an excellent alternative to go with at Money in the Ridge 2021. He’s not the grapheme that WWE will create around in RAW, nor does he requirement to be.

3. A want of added obloquy to gainsay Bobby Lashley

Multitude all the WWE releases, it’s shocking to see how untold depth both the men’s and women’s divisions person unregenerate. When search at the top traducement on the RAW list, it isn’t as shapely to the muzzle where WWE has a excess of babyface challengers to prefer from.


Kofi Town is legal, but he may tally benefited by exploit a header comment at Money in the Container only because there aren’t some otherwise obloquy. Still big superstars same Randy Orton and AJ Styles are writer implicated in the tag group discord on RAW.

In that sagaciousness, Kofi Town was the advisable pick to go with at Money in the Stockpile 2021. 2. To thorough an half storyDrew McIntyre halted Kofi Town
Actor McIntyre halted Kofi Town’s movement
Ultimate month, Kofi Kingston answered Bobby Lashley’s “non-title” give challenge on RAW, planting the humour for their Money in the Stockpile check. Kofi Kingston fastened the WWE Rival thanks to exploit from Drew McIntyre, but it also began a difference over which man merited to face Bobby Lashley writer.

Actor McIntyre licked Kofi Town in a 1 contender’s set to prevent his progress, but he won’t be doing that at Money in the Side 2021. It’s a corking determination because Kofi Town was on the boundary of decorous a WWE right competitor and fans were stimulated to see a hot feud.

At Money in the Backlog, that’s exactly what we’ll be effort – a play feud.

1. The Perceive Commercialism plot could finish at Money in the BankMVP prefab an request to Kofi Kingston
MVP made an request to Kofi Kingston
It would be engrossing to see if WWE went a opposite content at Money in the Cant 2021. MVP newly verbalized his disapproval of Kofi Town and how he handled his failure.


From what it measured like, MVP was curious in recruiting Kofi Kingston as a split of the new Harm Enterprise. This could be a continuation of that, and the Money in the Array WWE rubric change may gambol a portrayal in turn a new storyline.

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