5 Things WWE Did Right Hell In A Cell 2021 4 They Got Wrong

WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view came early this year, but it certainly lived up to the hype with some amazing matches, including two traditional Hell in a Cell matches. It was the final pay-per-view inside the WWE Thunderdome, and the company left no stone unturned to make it a good show.

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Even though a couple of matches had disappointing finishes, most of the matches were pay-per-view worthy. Three title matches took place, and all titles were defended successfully. The show also consisted of four regular singles matches.

While Hell in a Cell was a great show, some booking decisions could have been better.

9Got Right: Seth Rollins Finally Won

Seth Rollins Vs. Cesaro Hell In A Cell 2021

Seth Rollins and Casaro competed in a singles match at Hell in a Cell. Rollins was in dire need of a win after losing two back-to-back matches to Cesaro, including at WrestleMania 37.

Their Hell in a Cell match was awe-inspiring. But it was The Messiah who had the last laugh at the end with a roll-up pin. While it wasn’t a convincing win for Rollins, the victory would still be a confidence booster for him.

8Got Wrong: No Tag Team Match

Bobby Lashley Vs. Drew McIntyre Hell In A Cell 2021

Hell in a Cell had a total of seven matches, and all those matches were singles matches. Neither the RAW Tag Team Championship nor the SmackDown Tag Team Championship was defended at Hell in a Cell. One half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Natalya, wrestled Mandy Rose in a singles match in the Kick-off show.

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Considering Hell in a Cell was a pay-per-view, it was unusual not to have a tag team match, which certainly put a question mark on the importance of the tag team division in WWE.

7Got Right: Sami Zayn’s Clean Victory

Sami Zayn Defeats Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, two former best friends turned rivals, could never have an ordinary match, and it was evident once again at Hell in a Cell. It was an amazing physical bout, as the actions took place both inside the ring and outside the ring.

The fast-paced match lasted over 12 minutes, and Sami Zayn picked up the win after connecting a Helluva Kick. It was the right decision to give Zayn a clean victory after a couple of losses to Owens in recent months.

6Got Wrong: Another Disqualification Finish


Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair crossed paths with the RAW Women’s Championship on the line. The match was astounding, as the two women showed brutality, aggression, and the determination to overpower each other.

Despite being such a great match, the ending of the bout ruined the whole thing. Rhea Ripley used the announce table’s plywood cover to hit Charlotte. With WWE’s recent track record of giving disqualification finishes, it was another poor way of ending a good match.

5Got Right: The SmackDown Women’s Championship Hell In A Cell Match

Bianca Belair Vs. Bayley Hell In A Cell 2021

The stakes were high for the fourth ever women’s Hell in a Cell match. Bianca Belair defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Bayley inside the colossal steel structure.

The match was certainly one of the best matches of the night. Even though it was the champion’s first Hell in a Cell match, she looked unstoppable, and a Kiss of Death on the ladder secured her win.

4Got Wrong: Alexa Bliss Hypnotized Nia Jax

alexa bliss at hiac

Alexa Bliss competed in a pay-per-view match for the first time since Fastlane at Hell in a Cell, where she faced Shayna Baszler after an intense build-up in the past couple of weeks. But the match turned into a disaster with some strange actions from Alexa Bliss.

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In the middle of the match, Alexa Bliss hypnotized Nia Jax by just staring at the latter, which was certainly ridiculous. After getting hypnotized, Nia Jax even slapped Reginald while copying Alexa Bliss.

3Got Right: Every Champion Retained


Interestingly, only three belts were on the line at Hell in a Cell. Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley defended their SmackDown Women’s Championship and RAW Women’s Championship respectively. On the other hand, Bobby Lashley defended his WWE Championship.

None of the three titles changed hands, which was the right call. Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair are two young stars WWE is trying to build after WrestleMania 37, and they require long and effective title reigns to solidify their positions. The same applies to Bobby Lashley, as many fans are hoping to see a dream match between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

2Got Wrong: MVP’s Involvement In The Main Event


MVP, who was in the corner of Bobby Lashley, wasn’t supposed to get involved in the WWE Championship match since it took place inside the steel structure. When the original referee of the match was down, a second referee entered the cell to make a count.

As the cell door was open, MVP entered the cell and prevented the second referee from counting, and it saved Lashley’s title. After getting locked inside, he even received a Claymore Kick from Drew McIntyre. Later, MVP also grabbed McIntyre’s leg from the ringside, allowing Lashley to win with a roll-up pin. Given it was a Hell in a Cell battle, MVP’s participation inside the cell was totally uncalled for.

1Got Right: The Main Event


Other than MVP’s intervention, the main event match between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley was arguably the match of the night. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it one of the greatest Hell in a Cell matches since the inception of the pay-per-view.

The match was extremely physical. Both men took some nasty blows with chairs, a kendo stick, and even a table. Since both men connected their best shots, there were near falls as well. After Drew McIntyre squandered another chance to win the WWE Championship, the rivalry should end at Hell in a Cell.

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