10 Funniest Moments Career Of John Cena’s

John Cena is one of the most charismatic WWE Superstars to ever grace the ring, and that has allowed him to showcase a range of emotions during his career. Cena has often been serious, which is what happens when you spend your run in the main event scene, but there has also been plenty of room for comedy as well.

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Sometimes, Cena’s comedy can be over the top and not funny at all, with the WWE style being a little too much. However, Cena is a naturally funny person, and that has allowed him to be involved in some hilarious moments across his WWE career.

10The Rock’s Surgery

John Cena as Dr. Thuganomics promo to The Rock

The feud between John Cena and The Rock is one of the greatest of his career, and a big reason for that is the epic promo battles that they had. Despite The Rock being a great talker, it was often Cena who came out on top in these moments.

This was the case when he brought back his Dr. Thuganomics character, dissing The Rock in an epic promo. The best line came when Cena promised after their match that Rock would need surgery on his face, just like he had on his boobies, referencing a legitimate surgery that The Rock had during his career.

9NWO Appearance

John Cena nWo entrance

John Cena’s WrestleMania 36 match with Bray Wyatt was certainly different. The cinematic style Firefly Fun House match was unique, and rather than being focused on wrestling, it was more about telling a story.

It blended comedy throughout it, with Cena’s over-the-top performance actually suiting this environment perfectly. When he popped up as an nWo member, Cena really knocked it out of the park as he strutted to the ring in classic Hollywood Hogan style.

8A John Cena Bootleg

John Cena cuts a promo against Roman Reigns

When John Cena is fired up, there are few wrestlers that can get anywhere near his level on the microphone. That was clear during his short feud with Roman Reigns, as it led to one of his greatest ever promos.

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Cena spoke with passion and happily ripped into Roman to his face. He spoke about a range of topics, including calling Roman a John Cena bootleg, which left fans laughing.

7Cena’s Shirt Gets Thrown Back At Him

RVD trying to pin John Cena

This moment was unintentionally hilarious, and it was a case of the fans that don’t like John Cena making their voices clear. When Cena walked into ECW to defend his WWE Championship against RVD, there was always going to be backlash from the dedicated audience.

That’s what took place when he did his traditional t-shirt throw into the crowd. The fan that caught it quickly threw the shirt back into the ring, refusing to take it, which created a hilarious moment.

6Rap Battle With Big Show

John Cena rap battle with Big Show

John Cena has had several rap battles throughout his career, and one of the funniest he had was with Big Show. Of course, Cena was able to dominate this rapping segment, and the fact it was out of Big Show’s comfort zone only made it better.

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Cena came out with some fantastic lines across the segment, where he was able to really work at his best and leave audiences laughing about what he came up with.

5A Pre-Match Shut-Down

John Cena cuts a promo against Rey Mysterio

Another great rapping promo that John Cena gave was prior to a match with Rey Mysterio on SmackDown. The moment took place when both men were in the ring ready to wrestle, but Cena had a few words to dish out first.

This led to a hilarious pre-match promo where Cena just ran down Rey in a creative manner, spitting great bars at the masked wrestler to showcase his promo ability.

4“God Built Me Strong, Forgot To Give Me Brain”

John Cena and Brock Lesnar stare down

John Cena and Brock Lesnar have been epic rivals throughout their careers, and that includes during their early years. This allowed Cena to cut a hilarious rap on the Beast on his way to the ring to compete against him.

Cena mocked Brock about his intelligence and cut a hilarious promo throughout the segment. It got Brock fired up before they competed, which only added to the situation as well, making the moment even better.

3JBL Can’t Touch Him

John Cena and JBL having their debate

John Cena and JBL had a fantastic rivalry throughout Cena’s early rise, and one moment that brought great comedy was with their pre-WrestleMania debate. The rule at the time was that JBL couldn’t touch Cena, and he took full advantage of that.

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He destroyed JBL’s limousine, spray painting it and popping the tire. Cena also poured water into JBL’s hat and cut his tie in what was a hilarious segment.

2John Cena’s Heel Turn

John Cena heel turn promo

John Cena turning heel is something that hardcore wrestling fans have wanted for a very long time. So on the Raw after WrestleMania in 2013, Cena made a joke about it which worked perfectly.

Cena said he was in the mood for a dance, and after doing a couple of moves and getting a poor reaction, he suggested a little heel turn. Of course, this led to him turning his heel in the ring as a dance move, but it was a wink to the fans who have wanted him to actually turn, which was a great line.

1Dr. Of Thuganomics Returns

The Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick is one of the greatest that John Cena ever had. As a result of that, whenever this persona returns for a one-off appearance, it’s normally something special. That was the case when Cena made a surprise return at WrestleMania 35.

He interrupted Elias during his concert and came out to cut an amazing promo that pushed the PG boundaries to their limit. Cena was able to do whatever he wanted in this segment, and it led to a very funny moment.

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