First 10 WWE PPV Matches of Bray Wyatt’s Ranked From Worst To Best

Bray Wyatt has undergone many character changes throughout his WWE career. However, The Eater of Worlds captivates audiences, and his first 10 WWE pay-per-view matches in singles competition were amongst some of the best work in his career.

Destined for greatness, Bray Wyatt’s career has seen many twists and turns. The Eater of Worlds unquestionably has the potential to be a mainstay in the main event title picture. However, Wyatt has fallen victim to poor booking decisions when it seems that he is going to be on an upward trajectory.

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Wyatt was finding his feet on the main roster in WWE, but he hit a home run in some of his first matches on PPV. Nevertheless, Wyatt was booked positively in a plethora of encounters in the early stages of his pay-per-view matches.

10Bray Wyatt Vs. Kane – SummerSlam 2013

Bray Wyatt v Kane SummerSlam 2013

Right off the bat, Bray Wyatt’s debut on a WWE pay-per-view came against the veteran Kane at SummerSlam 2013. They collided in a Ring of Fire match which is basically an Inferno match without having to set your opponent on fire.

The Big Red Machine unloaded some vicious punches on Wyatt to gain the advantage. Sadly, it was a slow methodical affair. Kane delivered three devasting Chokeslams on Wyatt, but he was unable to capitalize. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan covered the flames to get inside the ring and bailed Wyatt out of trouble. Wyatt got off the mark with a victory, nailing Kane with his patented Sister Abigail.

9Bray Wyatt Vs. Kofi Kingston – Battleground 2013

Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston Battleground 2013

Two future WWE Champions in Bray Wyatt and Kofi Kingston clashed at Battleground 2013. Kingston was the perfect babyface for Wyatt to face in order to continue his rich vein of form. Inevitably, Wyatt overpowered Kingston and dominated this contest.

Kingston showed his aerial prowess by executing a picture-perfect rolling flip over the top rope to take out all three members of The Wyatt Family. Ultimately, Wyatt caught Kingston with Sister Abigail for another confidence-boosting win.

8Bray Wyatt Vs. John Cena – Extreme Rules 2014

Wyatt v Cena Extreme Rules 2014

Bray Wyatt was looking to bounce back from a disappointing loss to John Cena at WrestleMania XXX in their rematch at Extreme Rules 2014. This time their match was inside the confines of a steel cage.

Fans became disenchanted from the match quite early on. It wasn’t a barnburner and dragged on a bit. The finish was a disaster with Cena going to escape through the door but the lights went out and a child emerged to spook Cena. Wyatt took advantage and hit Cena with Sister Abigail, and he walked out of the door for a monumental win.

7Bray Wyatt Vs. Chris Jericho – Battleground 2014

Wyatt v Jericho Battleground 2014

Fans were in store for a treat when Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho went head-to-head at Battleground 2014. It was a brand new rivalry, and Y2J works extremely well to get relatively new stars over in the biggest matches.

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The match was a hard-hitting affair, and the referee sent Luke Harper and Erick Rowan back to the locker room. Y2J weathered the storm, and he stunned Wyatt with the Codebreaker to hand The Eater of Worlds a rare defeat.

6Bray Wyatt Vs. Dean Ambrose – Survivor Series 2014

Wyatt v Ambrose Survivor Series 2014

Dean Ambrose was hellbent on revenge as Bray Wyatt interfered in his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins. They had an enthralling battle at Survivor Series 2014. Wyatt and Ambrose’s chemistry together is extraordinary and fans were heavily invested in the match which created a great atmosphere.

Wyatt hit Ambrose with a thunderous clothesline, and he slammed The Lunatic Fringe spine first onto the steel steps. However, Wyatt introduced a steel chair but Ambrose got himself intentionally disqualified when he assaulted Wyatt with it. Ambrose didn’t stop there, and he nailed Wyatt with Dirty Deeds onto the chair.

5Bray Wyatt Vs. Chris Jericho – SummerSlam 2014

Wyatt v Jericho SummerSlam 2014

Bray Wyatt was far from happy with his loss to Chris Jericho at Battleground, and they had a hotly-anticipated rematch at SummerSlam 2014. Wyatt had to compete with Jericho on his own as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were banned from ringside.

This was a competitive match, and Jericho was unable to make Wyatt submit to his debilitating Walls of Jericho. Wyatt’s ring awareness was second to none as he put his foot on the rope when Jericho nailed him with a Codebreaker. Ultimately, Wyatt planted Y2J with Sister Abigail on the barricade on the outside and inside the ring to seal the deal.

4Bray Wyatt Vs. John Cena – WrestleMania XXX

Wyatt v Cena WrestleMania 30

Bray Wyatt made his WrestleMania debut against John Cena at WrestleMania XXX. Big Match John had a reputation for competing in marquee matches at WrestleMania, but this was a huge night for Wyatt.

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This bout went over 20 minutes, and neither man is known for doing well in overly long matches. Cena took Luke Harper and Erick Rowan out of the equation with a plancha. However, Cena kicked out of Wyatt’s Sister Abigail, showcasing his resiliency. Wyatt tried to land a second one, but it was thwarted with Cena prevailing, which certainly raised some eyebrows.

3Bray Wyatt Vs. Dean Ambrose – TLC 2014

Wyatt v Ambrose TLC 2014

TLC 2014 wasn’t a great pay-per-view, but Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose were hoping to salvage the show in a TLC match to close out the show. Both men were in their element as it was a violent affair with multiple usages of weapons.

This match certainly could have been better, and the ending of the match was quite tame. The Lunatic Fringe picked up a monitor but before he could use it, it blew up in his face with Wyatt keeping Ambrose down with Sister Abigail.

2Bray Wyatt Vs. John Cena – Payback 2014

Wyatt v Cena Payback 2014

Bray Wyatt and John Cena’s rubber match at Payback 2014 was a Last Man Standing match. However, the odds were evened up as The Usos were in John Cena’s corner as Luke Harper and Erick Rowan accompanied Wyatt to the ring as usual.

Wyatt and Cena tore the house down in a superb match that masked the deficiencies of both men at times as they brawled around the arena. All six men were involved in the match which made it more exciting. Ultimately, Cena went over in this feud as he delivered an Attitude Adjustment on an equipment crate, and he trapped Wyatt underneath by throwing another crate on top.

1Bray Wyatt Vs. Daniel Bryan – Royal Rumble 2014

Bray Wyatt v Bryan Royal Rumble 2014

Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan locked horns in an instant classic in the opening match of the night at the 2014 Royal Rumble. There was no hotter prospect in WWE at the time than Bryan, who was incredibly over with the fans.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan got sent back to the locker room, which was good as the quality of the match was not hindered. Wyatt showed how well he moved in the squared circle for a man of his size, and he kept up with Bryan which is not easy to do. They hit a home run and Wyatt planted Bryan with a couple of Sister Abigails earning a monumental victory.

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