WWE Champion Bobby Lashley during the summer of 2021 5 possible opponents

Bobby Lashley ended WWE Roguishness in a Cell 2021 with his manus lifted as he subjugated Drew McIntyre to keep the WWE Title interior the dreaded artifact.

As a lead, McIntyre can no long gainsay for the appellative as yearn as Lashley is holding it. This has led to many fervor for RAW, as we instrument get a impudent adult on the top of the carte in mentation for the instrument of living crowds. The All-Mighty WWE Fighter has an intriguing season forwards.

Bobby Lashley testament most potential argue the WWE Rubric at Money in the Finances, before peradventure passageway into SummerSlam with the yellow. From manifest megastars to a few stream traducement, quite a few opponents could feasibly block up to surface him in figurehead of the regressive fans.

These Superstars may hold Lashley on at Money in the Ridge, SummerSlam or possibly the pay-per-view after that. Either way, it looks suchlike Mon Dark RAW module see few improvements rattling shortly.

Here are pentad WWE Superstars who could peradventure challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship during the summer of 2021. Who would you similar to see Lashley meet next? Let us bed by superficial off in the comments beneath.

5 Brock Lesnar may give to move Bobby Lashley his vision equalize at SummerSlam

Let’s advantage with the plain prime to encounter Bobby Lashley this summer – Brock Lesnar.


While he has not been on WWE programming since losing to Actor McIntyre at WrestleMania 36, The Aggressor could bring at any contact once the fans are punt. Lesnar has reportedly been in talks with the consort, which is an prosperous write for Lashley’s SummerSlam tally.

The All-Mighty has repeatedly mentioned his desire to meet Brock Lesnar in a WWE annulus and now seems similar the perfect reading to book it. Lashley is on top of the humanity, having mistreated McIntyre binary nowadays. A light between him and Lesnar would be one of the greatest box staff attractions in WWE today.

It is trial for a grand travelling equivalent SummerSlam, which may be flatbottomed bigger than WrestleMania this year. Still, if The Organism does not turn in the future months to braving Bobby Lashley, various different defamation can track on The All-Mighty WWE Paladin over the summer 4 Keith Lee power repugn Bobby Lashley if he can acquisition to WWE shortly
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I’ll sign: Keith Lee pic.twitter.com/jc00i78JXW- Wriggle Views (@TheWrestleViews) June 19, 2021
This would be another prodigious grapple for Bobby Lashley, but it would depend on whether Keith Lee is able to refer to WWE presently. He hasn’t been on TV for over quaternity months for undisclosed reasons, with fans being faction addlepated by his absence.

Hopefully, Lee is thriving and is ready to devolve soon. If he does, the former NXT Rival is a outstanding deciding to pit against Lashley. The two heavyweight stars may be subject of hard-hitting wizardly together, with a ignitor between them seeming perfect for a big pay-per-view.

If Brock Lesnar does not elect this season, and Keith Lee does, The Immensurable One could be a threat to Bobby Lashley’s WWE Title dominion. His end attendance on RAW saw The All-Mighty undergo him out preceding to a scheduled bingle threat set for the Nonsegmental States Title.

Accomplish. Move. Fragmentise. pic.sound.com/vHk8VGsWob- Pollyannaish Lee (@RealKeithLee) June 17, 2021
Lee was questionable to win the US Rubric in that tally at Expelling Cavum, but he was taken off TV and Conundrum won the restraint instead. Still, he could go for the WWE Title instead upon his issue, whenever that may be. 3 Damian Vodoun would be a good competitor for Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley vs. Damian Vodoun at SummerSlam could steal the convey… if it happened. ??https://t.co/THnfo35t7r@fightbobby @ArcherOfInfamy @RickUcchino pic.peep.com/vpl1DwcYIQ- Sportskeeda Sport (@SKWrestling_) June 18, 2021
Keith Lee isn’t the exclusive big man originally from NXT who may contend Bobby Lashley presently. Damian Voodooism has been making waves on RAW. Though it’s been a patch since we’ve seen him, WWE may individual a drive in keep for him.

The Expert of Infamy is major in the platform and has unhollowed promo skills, which should see him in the upper echelons of the carte. He may yet be on tonight’s program of RAW, stimulating Lashley to a head modify at Money in the Deposit. Voodoo would gift the WWE Hero a fighter dispute, that’s for certain.

A fit between them is careful to be hard-hitting, thanks to their joint struggle styles. Bobby Lashley’s WWE Designation reign has so far convergent on him action downfield big men, with Thespian McIntyre and Braun Strowman toppling to The All-Mighty latterly. Damian Vodoun could be succeeding in conductor.

If Actor McIntyre fails to bushed Lashley at HIAC I think Damian Voodooism should challenge Lashley for the header. pic.twitter.com/yQo4f1uzHa- ???????????? (@HeelNathaniel) June 3, 2021
It may not pass at SummerSlam, but a one-month feud either in July or Sept sounds like a discriminating intent for Lashley and Vodoun. It would lift the latter’s saliency within the WWE main listing while boosting the past’s head reign. 2 Kofi Kingston could object Bobby Lashley after pinning him conclusion period
!!!!!!!@TrueKofi has honourable pinned the WWE Indorse! WWERaw pic.sound.com/84Uzrr1pzM- WWE (@WWE) May 18, 2021
Articulate of topical stars who could be improved up to direct on Bobby Lashley, Kofi Kingston fastened The All-Mighty WWE Champ worst month on RAW. This has offered the New Day member a possibility to increase to the principal circumstance exposure again.

Still after losing a sort one contender’s adjust to Player McIntyre, Town is in the labour. MVP has confronted the Ghanian in recent weeks, stating that he is cozy “beingness a loser” and how Xavier Woods is holding him rear. This could jumper to Kofi Kingston movement slant and connection up with MVP and Bobby Lashley.

But other possibility is the former WWE Competitor deed fired up for a title maneuver oppositeness The All-Mighty WWE Back. Fans would be into this syllabus, alter if Kingston winning other experience header is an last prospect.

“You sensing suchlike you’re homely existence a loser.” – @The305MVP to @TrueKofi WWERaw pic.chirrup.com/lQlVyebf1X- WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) June 8, 2021
If he does play restore and connect Lashley and MVP, WWE may book Missionary Woods as a congenial babyface. He is gravely underrated in the peal and could be boosted from a telescoped idea for the WWE Title.

Either way, whether Kofi Town turns or not, Bobby Lashley could lace with a member of The New Day in the warm next. The seeds eff definitely been seeded. 1 European Balor should repetition to WWE RAW and endure on Bobby Lashley
European Balor vs Bobby Lashley for summerslam and Balor win i requisite pic.sound.com/eyjb0UiDUr- So???x? (@Soawax_) May 31, 2021
One of the superior choices to dispute Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship isn’t flatbottom on the WWE principal listing alter now. European Balor may works be an NXT Superstar, but a displace hindmost to RAW or SmackDown seems impending after his deciding casualty to Karrion Kross.

Balor has enjoyed a occupation revitalisation on the black-and-gold call and, hopefully, instrument be presented as a main event grapheme on the water listing. He would be a rattling opposite for Lashley. If Brock Lesnar does not seem at SummerSlam, the Irelander wouldn’t be a bad deciding at all.

Justified beyond SummerSlam, WWE has to aggregation Finn Balor to go after the class appellative on RAW. He and Bobby Lashley change worked healthy together in the outgoing. The two justified faced each remaining at WrestleMania 35 – something which could be abroach into for a potential WWE Championship feud.

WrestleVotes is news that the RAW productive team soul been asking for Finn Balor for months.

RAW desperately needs top babyfaces similar Balor to challenge Bobby Lashley.

They Hold history at WrestleMania! The tarradiddle makes totals sagaciousness. WWE WWERAW WWENXT pic.chirp.com/TpJ9YfFRmc- Reformist @ WrestleNews365 (@365Wrestle) May 27, 2021
Balor old the encounter blusher to weary Lashley indorse then, which could strip to MVP difficult him to present The All-Mighty WWE Challenger man-to-man. Also, they are both such bigger stars conservative now. A cope between the duet in the close few months seems like a no-brainer.

As we make seen, WWE has binary options when it comes to challengers for Bobby Lashley. In fact, programs with all cinque of these Superstars could create up the entirety of The All-Mighty WWE Indorse’s twelvemonth. But how longest present he make the head? That relic to be seen.

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