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The underrated career of Abyss sees him as an all-time TNA great. Most fans would easily list Abyss in the list of top ten greatest TNA stars due to his overall accomplishments and tenure there. Abyss was known for his hardcore matches and monster gimmick leading to his induction in TNA’s Hall of Fame.

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The end of the run in TNA allowed Abyss to make a huge move to WWE as a producer. Abyss is beloved by most of the wrestlers to have worked with him, due to his unselfish nature and strong wrestling knowledge. Find out more about what went down behind the scenes for TNA’s most successful monster. The following stories will provide backstage insight on Abyss.

8Regretted Using Real Taser In Mick Foley Match

Abyss and Mick Foley

The feud between Abyss and Mick Foley was huge for Abyss to look like a bigger star in TNA. Foley was the original hardcore legend in the North American wrestling scene, with Abyss hoping to challenge that spot decades later in TNA.

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The two hardcore specialists were booked in a violent match that Abyss admitted he had a regret about. TNA used a real taser for a spot where Abyss felt the pain. Abyss stated he’d never do that again due to the real pain he endured, along with having to finish the match.

7Kurt Angle’s Insane Dive Off  The Stage On Him Was Unexpected

Kurt Angle vs Abyss

One of the best matches of Kurt Angle’s TNA tenure saw him facing off with Abyss for the TNA World Championship. Angle loved taking risks despite his health sometimes being put on the line. There is an infamous spot of Angle running off the stage at full speed and leaping on Abyss.

The beautiful visual was not as fun for Abyss in the moment, since the two didn’t discuss or plan that ahead of time. Angle was in the moment and went for it to create an iconic TNA memory. Abyss ended up loving being a part of history when the spot went through safely.

6Triple H Added Him For Producer Depth

Abyss in WWE

Triple H has been responsible for many of the former TNA stars to get roles in WWE. Samoa Joe joining NXT was 100% a Triple H move when WWE was still hot and cold about hiring former TNA talents. The success of Joe, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode ended that edict.

WWE hired multiple backstage personnel from TNA to add more variety. Triple H confirmed Abyss and Sonjay Dutt were coming to WWE during a conference call before they even showed up. Other former TNA producers like Jeff Jarrett, Shane Helms and Jeremy Borash all joined for backstage roles as well.

5Eric Bischoff Created Joseph Park Character Due To Hating The Abyss Gimmick

Joseph Park

The TNA tenure of Eric Bischoff was viewed negatively for the lack of success compared to his WCW time. Bischoff had high hopes for many talents, but he also wanted to make many changes to improve their characters moving forward.

Abyss was a gimmick that Bischoff absolutely hated and felt would never lead to long-term main event scene. Bischoff confirmed on his podcast that he came up with Joseph Park, because he viewed his personality as stronger without a mask.

4Sting Fought For Him To Get Bigger Push

Abyss vs Sting

TNA was always up and down on how they chose to use Abyss. There were months where Abyss was the top heel on the show, but other times, they would feature him in a secondary position. Abyss revealed that Sting was one of his biggest supporters when the legend joined the company.

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Sting wanted to work with Abyss, which led to their program for the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Even though the DQ was a terrible way to execute it, Abyss won his only world title in wrestling against The Icon. Sting tried his best to make Abyss look great with mixed results, due to the booking of Vince Russo with wacky swerves and gimmick matches.

3Dutch Mantell Came Up With The Gimmick


Dutch Mantell was one of the most respected minds in the business for various backstage roles. TNA found their best moments with Mantell over the likes of Vince Russo or Eric Bischoff running the show. Abyss had a working relationship with Mantell before TNA even started.

IWA Puerto Rico was the place where Dutch came up with the idea of the Abyss name and monster character. Abyss used this and found enough momentum to land with TNA in the early years. The gimmick and name was utilized for most of his career outside of the Joseph Park runs.

2Turned Down WWE Deal For Undertaker Match

The Undertaker

The biggest “What if?” scenario in Abyss’ career was what could have been if he accepted a WWE offer during his free agent status. Tommy Dreamer worked for WWE management and reached out with the offer of a lifetime.

WWE wanted a new monster character to feud with Undertaker and Abyss was offered that spot. Abyss was even told he could have a WrestleMania match against Undertaker with the streak on the line. The loyalty to TNA saw Abyss turning WWE down, which meant the match never happened.

1Hulk Hogan Initially Viewed Him As TNA’s John Cena

Hulk Hogan and Abyss

Hulk Hogan coming to TNA saw the entire roster having to prove themselves again with someone new in control. Abyss was instantly the first name to stand out to Hogan as someone with massive potential. Hogan did a weekly radio show addressing the future of TNA and even called Abyss his “version of John Cena.”

The TNA booking would even see Hogan working an angle with Abyss where he gifted the monster his Hall of Fame ring. Abyss unfortunately looked foolish finding confidence in Hogan’s ring and the plans quickly fell apart

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