John Cena Confirms His Return To WWE On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Well, we now know, for certain, that John Cena will be back with WWE. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when. Appearing on the “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Cena did confirm rumors of a return and said he can’t wait to have his next match.

On Wednesday night, Cena was on the show to promote F9. Suicide Squad and talk his other movie projects. Fallon quickly asked if the rumors of his WWE return were accurate and he responded, “those rumors are true. I’ll definitely be back to the WWE, I just don’t know when.”

Fallon showed a photo of the WWE logo that Cena posted on his Instagram page and that fans went crazy over, assuming it meant he was coming back right away. That was not the case he said as he was just feeling nostalgic when he posted it. Noting he was in the middle of a number of projects, the “insurance on these things don’t exactly just let you go wrestle on the weekends.”

There are rumors Cena will be making a return for SummerSlam and is pegged to be Roman Reigns’ opponent. He neither confirmed nor denied that this would be happening. His list of films stopped during the interview at Vacation Friends, so there might be an opening in his schedule.

It Won’t Be A Long WWE Run

One thing about Cena’s return is that it probably will be short lived. He noted that doing all these films has opened up all sorts of opportunities to do other films and it sounds as though he’s planning to ride the wave of Hollywood until he no longer can. That means, if he wrestles for WWE again, he might not stick around long, leaving again when his next movie project comes up.

F9 comes out in theaters this weekend. Cena also got engaged, so congratulations to the multi-time WWE champion.


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