CM Punk Pitched To Be A Part Of The Rock vs. John Cena At WrestleMania

CM Punk pitched to be a part of The Rock and John Cena’s iconic WrestleMania match, and his idea would have made a lot of sense.

At WrestleMania XXVIII, The Rock and John Cena had their “once in a lifetime” moment in the show’s main event. Except it wasn’t once in a lifetime as the same match closed WrestleMania again the following year. The Rock beat Cena in their first encounter, and The Franchise Player got his win back 12 months later.

Punk’s Pitch

The second match was for the WWE Title which Rock had won from CM Punk earlier that year at Royal Rumble. Punk then failed to win the title back in a rematch at Elimination Chamber. During a Twitter Q&A this week, Punk explained his idea to be included in the triple threat at WrestleMania, making it more than just a straightforward rematch between Rock and Cena.

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When asked by a fan who Punk envisioned winning that match, he replied Cena, adding what else he would have had happen if the decision were his to make. “Pitch was get me out first and let them have their lifetime moment,” Punk replied. Punk would have presumably gone into the match as WWE Champion, extending his iconic reign by two more months, and the match would have obviously been an elimination affair.

You Get The Phenom Instead

The only part of Punk’s pitch that actually came to fruition was Cena winning. Punk would wrestle The Undertaker at that WrestleMania instead, becoming the last person The Deadman beat on The Grandest Stage of Them All before being beaten by Brock Lesnar the following year. It was also the last WrestleMania Punk competed at before he walked out of WWE less than a year later.

Other than a short exhibition match against Erick Rowan three years later, it’s also the last time The Rock competed in WWE. How different the landscape might look if WWE had taken Punk up on his pitch. The Second City Saint would have had his WrestleMania main event and may never have left the company. The odds of him returning seven years on still remain very slim.

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