Dynamite Winners And Losers: Despite Defeat, Jungle Boy Proves He’s The Future Face Of AEW

This week’s rare Saturday night edition of AEW Dynamite emanated LIVE from Daily’s Place in front of a hot (both literal and figuratively) crowd. It was filled to the brim with excellent in-ring action, and delivered in pretty much every department, once again. It was easily the best episode of Dynamite since the NBA playoffs began, and is probably one of the best episodes of the entire pandemic era. From its thrilling opener to its riveting main event, this was unquestionably another home run for Tony Khan and the team, and with the company hitting the road very soon, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Loser: Sammy Guevara’s Arm

The show kicked off with Alex Marvez attempting to interview Sammy Guevera in the parking lot, but before he could, Guervara was attacked by Shawn Spears, who struck Guevara hard on the arm with a steel chair. The blow left Guevara reeling on the ground, and he appeared to have seriously injured his arm.

Winner: Hangman Page Vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Next up was a thrilling opening match between the hungry Powerhouse Hobbs, who is looking to climb the AEW rankings, and Hangman Adam Page, who the Daily’s Place just can’t get enough of. Hobbs left his Team Taz buddies backstage for this one, but they just couldn’t help themselves.

The match came to an end when Hook and Ricky Starks ran down the ramp and attempted to interfere in the match. Luckily for Hangman, Brian Cage made the save and removed Starks from the equation, seemingly cemented his status as a FORMER member of Team Taz.

Hobbs was distracted by the chaos caused by his stablemates, which allowed Hangman to hit him with a Dead Eye for the win. JR described this match as a “slobber knocker” and it certainly fits the criteria. The two men beat the absolute crap out of each other and traded some stiff-looking blows throughout.

Loser: Hangman Page’s Head

Adam Page suffered a nasty laceration on the top of his head partway through his match with Hobbs. It was bleeding, but his full head of hair appeared to absorb most of the claret. The ref put on his black rubber gloves, but Page was able to finish the man like a true cowboy,

Winner: Konnan Selling For FTR

Tony Schiavone mediated an encounter between legends Tully Blanchard (who was representing FTR), and Konnan (representing Proud and Powerful). This was Konnan’s first AEW appearance since his Stadium Stampede cameo at Double Or Nothing, and he was raring to go.

The former WCW star unloaded a poetic and socially conscious promo on Blanchard and did an amazing job at adding some extra fuel to the flames of the FTR/P&P feud. Konnan eventually introduced Santana and Ortiz, who made their way to the ring with their faces suspiciously concealed.

Of course, it wasn’t actually P&P, it was FTR, who revealed themselves immediately after footage of a recently-attacked Sanatana and Ortiz appeared on the big screen. The dastardly FTR jumped Konnan and hit him with a nasty-looking spike-piledriver that he sold like a man half his age.

This was really great segment that did its job perfectly. Proud And Powerful vs. FTR is going to be one hell of a match.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

A brawl between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle broke out backstage and the two teams eventually found themselves in the ring. The Pinnacle had the numbers advantage and got the upper hand as a result … and then Sammy Guevara’s music hit. While receiving one of the biggest pandemic-era pops in all of wrestling, Guevara bolted it down the ramp and cleared house.

Guevara and MJF will go one-on-one on next Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite, but whatever no matter the result of that match, it’s clear that AEW has big babyface plans for Sammy, a guy who was one of the most easily detestable heels in the industry this time last year.

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Winner: Ethan Page

With Scorpio Sky by his side, the conniving Ethan Page got an impressive singles victory over the menacing Bear Bronson in a solid match that featured a couple of exciting spots.

After the match, Page grabbed a mic and challenged his longtime foe, Darby Allin, to a Coffin Match on July 7th at AEW Road Rage in Miami.

Winner: Kris Statlander

After missing the majority of 2020 through injury, Kris Statlander is well and truly back in the game. It was only her ninth AEW match of the year, but she looked better than ever in this match against The Bunny, which she won convincingly despite The Bunny’s attempts to cheat by using brass knuckles. Fortunately, Orange Cassidy was there to confiscate The Bunny’s weaponry, which enabled Statlnder to take advantage of the distraction and pick up the win.

Loser: Orange Cassidy’s Face

As Stadtlander and Cassidy were celebrating, they were jumped by The Bunny’s companion, The Blade. Angélico and Jack Evans appeared and joined in the ambush, holding OC so that The Blade could retrieve the brass knuckles that Cassidy had taken from the Bunny a few minutes earlier. While Angélico and Evans were restraining OC, The Blade donned the brass knuckles and struck OC hard in the face, knocking him out instantly.

Winner: Jungle Boy Vs. Kenny Omega

There was obviously no way that Jungle Boy was going to win this match, and yet it was laid out so exquisitely that even the most ardent of naysayers could have been convinced otherwise.

Omega did win. Obviously. But the crowd was firmly behind Jungle Boy from the get-go. AEW may still be a fledgling wrestling promotion, but they know how to make stars and build for the future.

Jungle Boy is an exciting young talent with a bright future, whereas Kenny Omega is, at this point, a veteran pro-wrestler whose craft has taken all over the world. The two competitors were able to utilize this and weave it into the story they told in the ring.

It was one of the best Dynamite main events since the show debuted.

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