SmackDown Winners And Losers: Edge Returns As A Babyface, Calls Out The Champ

This week’s SmackDown hinted that no one was left to take on the champion. Roman Reigns had essentially beat everyone, but despite not having any real challengers, he still wanted to know that his family had his back. That was in doubt considering Jey Uso was nowhere to be found. Could Jimmy Uso do the job?

Meanwhile, there were a couple Money in the Bank qualifiers, Seth Rollins pleaded his case to be in the title hunt and Sami Zayn found out that Kevin Owens is not really taking any time off. The highlight of the show as the return of Edge, who answered a lot of questions about WWE’s plans heading into SummerSlam.

Here are your winners and losers for SmackDown, June 25, 2021:

Winner/Loser: Mixed Tag Action

The opening promo by Bianca Belair wasn’t great, but the interesting part was watching the manner in which Belair delivered the overly-scripted, feel-good lines she was asked to deliver. One couldn’t help but get the feeling that, one day, she’d make a really good heel.

The match that followed was a nice switch from the norm and pretty strong. The downside is that it feels like WWE is stretching out a Belair versus Bayley storyline that should have ended after Hell in a Cell. As for Cesaro and Rollins, that feud isn’t close to over, so it might have made more sense to have one of them get the better of the other.

Rollins tried to interject himself into the Universal Title picture backstage. He pleaded for a shot at Roman Reigns, but as we learned when the show closed, Rollins may have to wait a little while.

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Winner: Nakamura Coronation

As pointless and outlandish as the Nakamura coronation segment actually was, the fact WWE is making something big out of Nakamura being the King of SmackDown is a positive step in the right direction. In other words, at least it’s something. There’s a good chance he could run with this and turn it into something entertaining.

The Baron Corbin depression interview backstage felt like creative was laying it on a little thick and the camera cuts back and forth made it hard to get a handle on what he was saying. The gist is that, somehow, we’re supposed to believe that Corbin’s life is meaningless and he’s lost everything because he no longer has a crown he basically tried to make more important than it was.

Winner/Loser: Big E Qualifies For Money In The Bank

This was a fine match. The only problem is, we’ve seen these two in the ring together over a dozen times. Some time has passed since these two had a singles match and there was something on the line here, so it wasn’t the worst thing. And, it might have been one of the better encounters between the two men when it comes to their singles contests.

The good news is Big E picks up a big win and qualifies for a chance at the Money In the Bank briefcase. He said after the match, “From this day forward, we get back on track.” We’ll see if he’s right about that.

Winner: Owens Vs. Zayn Last Man Standing Match Announced

There was a rumor going around that Kevin Owens might be taking some time off from WWE. That’s apparently not the case. Adam Pearce informed Zayn that he’d have to try and qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match by meeting up with Owens in a Last Man Standing match.

This is a match we’ve seen a million times, but it never gets old. And, when you add the stipulation, it’s bound to be the best part of next week’s show. No one should be shocked if this match gets a good 30 minutes to shine next Friday.

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Loser: Carmella Vs. Liv Morgan

So, the men have to qualify for the Money in the Bank match but only some women have to? Sonya Deville chose Carmella as a competitor in the match, then forced Liv Morgan to wrestle Carmella, just for a chance to prove she earned consideration.

The match was short and while it didn’t really hurt either competitor, the booking either shows WWE has a real depth issue when it comes to the women’s division, or they just don’t care about logical storytelling.

These qualifiers could have been an opportunity to bring in someone from NXT or showcase a talent that often doesn’t get a shot.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

Based on the storyline being pushed on SmackDown tonight, just the fact that Jimmy Uso won his match tonight technically makes him a winner. It was expected he pick up a victory, and he did. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the reception from his cousin that he would have hoped.

Winner: Edge Returns

Needless to say, WWE isn’t waiting for fans to return or for SummerSlam to have Edge’s star power try to be a draw for the company. He’s back already and went right after Roman Reigns in the closing moments of the show.

The Rated-R Superstar made a surprise return to WWE and went right after the Universal Champion, signaling creative’s plan to have him be the next No. 1 contender for the title. Reigns was bragging that there was no one left to challenge him and he found out the hard way, there actually was.

Jimmy Uso tried to stop Edge, but was unsuccessful. This suggests Roman will have something to say to his cousin next week considering the entire program was built around the premise that Jimmy said he could protect Reigns if there ever came a need to do so.

Final SmackDown Result: Winner

For the most part, SmackDown was bland in comparison to previous weeks. The Edge return makes you forget that everything else leading up to the final segment wasn’t up to snuff.

This was a big close with a ton of storyline implications.

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