WWE Could Use Released Stars For Live, Non-Televised Shows [Theory]

Thank Mark Henry for the following idea. During a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of the podcast noted that WWE might still have a use for some of the recently released stars they let go.

Henry talked about how talent who were recently released will now have the freedom to go on and do other things, among the things they might do is wrestle for WWE on non-televised events were the company wants to feature matches that aren’t seen on live programming.

Calling an enhanced version of an independent booking, Henry suggested WWE might be willing to pay wrestlers weekly or daily to do a run of house shows when live touring starts again. He noted Vince would pay these guys “just enough” to make it worth their while, the talents might be happy enough to work a show or two and the fans will get a nice unexpected treat that could make for a cool crowd pop.

Essentially, these talents would go from having a full-time contract with a guaranteed downside to working multiple short-term contracts to tour a couple of cities. Fans wouldn’t see it coming and wrestlers would keep working, despite a flood of talent hitting the open free agent market and not everyone likely getting signed.

Meanwhile, there’s no reason the same talents can’t do their own indie shows and just remain available if WWE were to call out of the blue.

Interesting Idea That Has Some Legs

Henry didn’t have it on any sort of good authority that WWE was actually thinking about doing this, but he explained his idea in a way that made a lot of sense, especially if the company is looking to cut back on talent costs, but feature big-name stars who WWE will have to pay a lot of money to when making their return.

These big-name stars aren’t likely to work live events, so you need some kind of draw for fans who know the Brock Lesnars and John Cenas of the world won’t be showing up.

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