Drunk Non-WWE Fan Legally Changes His Name To John Cena After Dare

We’re not completely sure how the real John Cena will actually feel about this, but Lewis Oldfield is a 23-year-old non-WWE fan from Bradford who changed his name to match the 16-time world champions, after one night of heavy drinking and a dare.According to a story by thirstyfornews.com, Oldfield (I guess we can’t even call him that anymore) spent £40 on six deed poll documents, which served as proof for his bank, and another £75 for a new passport, and made the name change official. All of this started after some friends got together and started play-wrestling.

Oidfield Cena, explained, “We’d had a few drinks and were play-wrestling. We were just messing around, pretending to do announcements like in WWE and one of my friends was introducing John Cena.” He went onto to say that one thing led to another and he was dared to change his name to John Cena. Originally, he was going to get a tattoo but this sounded just as interesting. He noted that the crazy part is, “I always follow through with dares so I just did it. I’m not even a wrestling fan!”

The newest Cena noted that his mom thought it was hilarious but he hasn’t had the guts to tell his dad who is a bit more serious. Still, he said he likes the new name and has every intention to keep it, even if it wouldn’t take much to change it back.

AEW Should Hire The New Cena

If AEW wants to say they signed John Cena, this would be a fun and interesting way to do so. Imagine back in the day when Jim Ross said Diesel and Razor Ramon were returning, only to find out that it was two imposters. Good Ol’ J.R. is part of AEW now and this would make for some funny stuff.As for the real John Cena, he’s yet to comment. He’s too busy promoting his films and confirming a return to WWE soon.

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