Where Edge’s Name Comes From

Edge is one of the most iconic superstars in WWE history as he’s been one of the most successful. Now back with WWE, it remains to be seen whether he’s made to win another world championship. For the time being, though, fans are just happy to see him back.

The 47-year-old’s real name is Adam Copeland, which is the name he would have loved to wrestle under if not for the fact that most wrestlers have made-up names. In case you’re wondering where the name Edge comes from, apparently, he got it from a rock station of the same name.

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Early in his career, the superstar was part of an interview in which he revealed he was driving through Albany in New York State when he came upon the idea for his name. The names he had been thrown by WWE (Rage and Riot) just didn’t seem to suit him – Edge ended up being the perfect choice.

Thank God For The Radio

“I wish it were a cool story, it’s really not,” he said. “At the time in WWE had Rage and Riot, these different names that I didn’t really connect with. I just wanted to be Adam Copeland, but at that time everyone had a name. So I was listening to a radio station. I was driving through Albany, New York. It was Edge 103.7 or something. I went, ‘Edge, that’s not too bad.’

“I ran that by them and they were like you’re Edge. I wish I would have thought of something with two syllables that was much more chantable like, Ro-cky, Ho-gan, Aust-in. E—eeedge. It doesn’t work. Now I’m going to hope for Rated-R, Rated-R. That’s what I’m going to hope for.”

Edge Spear Royal Rumble 2020

The name stuck and he’s since gone on to become a true fan favorite.

WWE is believed to have a top SummerSlam match in mind for the radio station-inspired legend.

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