WWE Rumor Roundup – Roman Reigns’ opponent after Edge revealed, 42-year-old star returning to the ring, Confusion over Kevin Owens’ status (28th June 2021)

We welcome you back to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s daily WWE Rumor Roundup. The company has begun the build-up towards Money in the Bank, but its primary focus is on SummerSlam.

As reported, WWE could be lining up a massive match for Roman Reigns as an old rival of the Tribal Chief could confront him in the summer.

A two-time United States champion confirmed that he is working towards an in-ring return, and his ardent fans will be thrilled by the latest update.

Questions were raised regarding Kevin Owens’ status as the superstar was said to have asked for some time off. We also received a possible spoiler regarding an exciting new WWE signing.

The latest backstage updates from WWE have also revealed that the company has initiated a massive scouting effort involving top officials.

Today’s lineup has stories that could significantly impact the WWE product in the months to follow. So, without further delay, here is the latest Rumor Roundup.

#5 Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins could happen after WWE SummerSlam

Roman Reigns is all set to defend the Universal Championship against Edge at Money in the Bank, and the Tribal Chief is widely expected to retain his title.

While Edge and Roman Reigns will ideally put on a great match, WWE’s main focus, as stated above, is on shaping up a high-profile SummerSlam card.

Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE’s current plan is to have Seth Rollins take on Edge at SummerSlam. Meltzer stated that Rollins could win against the Rated-R Superstar before entering a program with Roman Reigns the following month.

“That would probably be September if they even get to it by September because the last I heard for SummerSlam was Edge vs. Seth Rollins. So, you know if Seth Rollins were to beat Edge, then it makes all the sense in the world to go with Seth vs. Roman Reigns at that point,” Meltzer stated.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins last faced each other in a singles competition way back in October 2019 on a SmackDown episode.

The former Shield stablemates have undergone drastic character transformations since their last showdown and a full-blown feud between the two stars could be the top WWE angle of the summer.

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