9 Best Tag Teams In WWE, Ranked By Promo Skills

Through the years, WWE has proven that wrestlers need to be good promos to stay at the top, especially as champions. The most talented wrestlers in the past who were bad at promos often had managers talking for them. In today’s WWE, managers are rare, so it is important for any tag team involved to be good on the mic.

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In WWE, there are several top tag teams between Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK, but only a few of them are quality promo men. When looking at the best of the best, it is no surprise to see those are the teams who dominate the title scene.

9Grizzled Young Veterans

Grizzled Young Veterans in the ring in WWE NXT.

The Grizzled Young Veterans made their names in NXT UK, where they won the first-ever tag team titles there. Before making their way there, the two won the Progress Tag Team titles three times. The two aren’t champions because of their promo skills, though they are better than others around the company. James Drake and Zack Gibson are far from bad in the mic, while they are more old-school than others.

8AJ Styles & Omos

AJ Styles and Omos celebrate with WWE tag titles.

AJ Styles and Omos are pretty much AJ Styles on promos while Omos stands there and looks like a giant. However, since the team won the Raw tag team titles, Omos has been showing more personality and the two have improved as promos. AJ Styles is a great promo as a heel and can turn any promo into a reason to hate him even more. With the improvement of Omos as a character, this team will only get better.


MSK looking to the ring in WWE NXT.

MSK is one of the youngest teams in WWE. The former Rascalz in TNA, MSK came in and proved they were good enough to succeed in WWE, winning the NXT Tag Team Championship quickly after making their debut there. On top of their exciting in-ring wrestling, their enthusiasm and excitement carry over to their promos. They remain huge babyfaces thanks to what they bring to WWE, both with their innovative offense and their inspiring promos.


RKBro backstage in WWE.

RKBro as a tag team is one of the mismatched tag teams that WWE loves. Randy Orton has always been a strong promo, mostly as a heel who talks down to anyone he faces in a serious and scary manner. However, Matt Riddle is someone who delivers comedy promos, often playing on his reputation as a guy who loves to party and chill. Together, they are opposites and their promos are often great based on the difference between the two men’s personalities.

5Dirty Dawgs

Dirty Dawgs posing with WWE tag titles.

The Dirty Dawgs were guaranteed to be great both in the ring and on promos. However, there is also one downfall, and that is that everyone knows what to expect from them, and it is usually cheesy insults and self praise. Despite that, it still ranks among the top promos in WWE concerning tag teams.

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Dolph Ziggler is at his best when he can act as the cocky heel, and he is in that role in the Dirty Dawgz. Bobby Roode has always been a strong promo as a heel as well, and the two play well off each other.

4The Usos

The Usos coming into the arena in WWE.

The Usos never used to talk. They were the plucky babyface team that came into the ring and were flashy and exciting wrestlers who made fans thanks to their high-impact moves. Things changed when they turned heel and started cutting promos.

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Jimmy and Jey Uso cut their “Uso Penitentiary” promos and proved they could sell their tag team and feuds with their words and their actions. Jey has improved even more in his time with Roman Reigns and the Usos remain great promos.

3The Miz & John Morrison

The Miz and John Morrison posing in the ring.

There might not be a better promo in WWE than The Miz. He has a skill of making every fan in the arena at at home hate him. John Morrison and Miz used to have their Internet show called The Cheat Sheet and proved how great they were as talkers. Right now, they are not at their best because Morrison is more concerned with being goofy, but they are still among the best talkers in WWE today.

2Street Profits

The Street Profits walking to the ring.

WWE has all the faith in the world in the Street Profits. When the team was in NXT, they proved how great they were in the ring, including the high-flying Montez Ford. When they made their way to the main roster, WWE spent a lot of time just having them talk. They finally got the chance to work in the ring and won tag titles, but they are still the go-to team for handing them a mic and letting them cut promos on every show.

1The New Day

The New Day holding up the WWE Raw tag team titles.

There is no one in WWE that is better at promos than The New Day. Whether it is the current team of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston or the addition of Big E, these guys can talk all day and back it up in the ring. They have their own podcast that is one of the most entertaining in wrestling, and it has allowed New Day to improve even more when talking to the audience. If it takes cutting great promos to move to the top of WWE, New Day’s 11 tag team championship reigns proves how great they really are.

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