Who Should Join WWE Smackdown’s Roman Reigns & The Usos In The Bloodline Next?

Since SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns has dominated Smackdown. He has dominated not just as Universal champion but as the Head Of The Table, the be-all and end-all, and however other many adjectives that Paul Heyman’s nasally voice can use to describe him. It’s also the grand moment that fans have been waiting for – The Big Dog as the big heel.

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Reigns is not the only member of the Anoa’i Samoan dynasty working in WWE. Shortly after aligning with Paul Heyman, Jey Uso lost a Hell In A Cell I Quit match and was forced to fall in line. Several weeks ago, Jimmy seemed to begin to see how strong a complete Bloodline could be. But there are still a few other Samoans and friends of the family that could join The Bloodline.

Naomi, Nia, And Tamina

Roman Reigns Tamina And The Usos

Naomi’s husband Jimmy recently pledge fealty to Roman, albeit admitted he doesn’t agree with everything the Tribal Chief does. Naomi could easily be inserted into the storyline by being one of the main reasons that Jimmy is grounded and not a complete subordinate. She could join up too to back her man and brother-in-law up in tag team competition. With the new allegiance, she would easily get a title shot against Bianca Belair.

As for Tamina and Nia Jax – it’s pretty easy from a storyline perspective, Nia complains that Tamina should be with her and not Nattie, one team breaks up as the savage sisters of Samoa ride again. Nattie could then feud with her former partner and perhaps team up with Nia to do it.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins And Romans Reigns Face Off

Admittedly, It is a huge long shot at this point in both of their careers. There is no way that a couple of egomaniacs like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns could ever coexist in the same unit without Rollins constantly jockeying for position. Since comparisons were once already made online, it would be like the Joker joining the Injustice League – he’d just keep undermining Lex Luthor instead of working for him.

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That aspect could make for an intriguing storyline and eventually put Rollins right into Roman’s crosshairs for a match or two. Rollins wouldn’t turn babyface, he’d just be a thorn in the Tribal Chief’s side that must be dealt with. But it would be fun to see the former Shield brothers attempt to get along in their new roles.

Simone Johnson

The Rock And Simone Johnson

When it finally (“Finally!”) comes time for the long-awaited rumored Roman Reigns Vs. The Rock feud, it’s also the perfect time to introduce the WWE’s first-ever fourth generation superstar. Simone Johnson is currently part of NXT’s developmental brand under the watchful eye of Triple H and his team. When the time comes, however, it could be time for the Special Counsel and The Reigning, unconverted, etcetera to weave their forked tongues and lure Simone to their Tribe. The Great One is the number one star in all of entertainment in the world. He has absolutely nothing left to fight for in WWE, except perhaps the very soul of his innocent young daughter and restoring the good name of the Anoa’i family. The Rock could easily explain that while the Usos and Reigns are grown adults who are free to do their own thing, he will not let his daughter get corrupted by Reigns and his walrus manager.

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But WWE (so far) is being very careful how and when Roman is positioned. He almost has never been shown to have any weaknesses and then they do creep up, he lashed out like the Samoan Savage that he is. While more people being brought into The Bloodline could dilute the stable and the booking, if done properly, there is a lot of compelling television to be had. Smackdown’s already the best WWE TV show out there from a storytelling perspective and that’s because of Roman Reigns and the Usos. The more drama that can be added to that will only help the legacy of what’s been happening on Friday Night Smackdown lately, which on most weeks feels very special.

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