5 male main roster WWE stars with the best win percentages

If you’re a WWE wrestler in the men’s division, the only thing that matters when you set foot inside the ring is getting the win, either via pin-fall, submission, knock-out or any other means.

That’s because the simple fact is that if you are continuously winning wrestling matches you will more than likely end up as the world champion there, and then you’ll more than likely retain that title going forward.

With that in mind, there are a handful of male WWE Superstars who are absolutely killing it in 2021, racking up significantly more wins than losses. Some are even undefeated on the main roster.

So let’s take a look at the 5 WWE main roster Superstars with the highest win percentage in 2021 (who have wrestled in at least more than five matches)

#5. WWE SmackDown Superstar Roman Reigns – 100%

‘The Head of the Table’ Roman Reigns has been on an entirely different level since becoming a villain on SmackDown Live and it’s been a massive boost for his win/loss record in WWE this year.

‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns has gone through the entirety of 2021 so far without picking up a single loss. That’s right! The WWE Universal Champion is undefeated in the seven matches he’s taken part in this year.

Reigns has defended the Universal Title in all seven of those matches, once inside the Hell in a Cell, once in a Last Man Standing match and once in a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania. The other four wins were in singles matches.

With Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso by his side, it looks like nobody will be coming close to beating Roman Reigns anytime soon, although the Rated-R Superstar recently returned and attacked Reigns, becoming the next challenger for his title. Can Edge be the one to end Reigns’ undefeated streak?

#4. WWE RAW Superstar Mansoor – 83.33%

Mansoor looked set for greatness in the WWE when he became the winner of the Battle Royale on WWE Super Showdown 2019 in Saudi Arabia. Since then he has quietly started stringing together an impressive win streak in NXT.

From September 20th, 2019, including house shows, Mansoor won 49 matches in a row, in both singles and tag team action, and remained undefeated all the way until his Monday Night RAW debut against Sheamus on May 3rd, which he only lost via DQ.

We’re including WWE Main Event as the main roster matches. Mansoor has competed in 12 matches across RAW and Main Event and has won 9 of them, beating the likes of Angel Garza, August Grey, Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa.

His only two losses came in the aforementioned DQ loss to Sheamus and the recent multi-man Battle Royale that took place on this week’s Monday Night RAW.

#3. WWE RAW Superstar Damien Priest – 80%

Damien Priest has certainly been one of WWE’s breakout stars after receiving quite the push following his call-up from NBC. He helped Bad Bunny win at WrestleMania and teamed up with zombies to beat The Miz and Morrison.

Priest has been out of action for a while, but he did recently return on this week’s Monday Night RAW to take part in the Battle Royal to replace Randy Orton in the Triple Threat to win a Money in the Bank ladder match place.

This made up one of Priest’s three losses on the main roster. But to be fair to the ‘Archer of Infamy’, he remains unbeaten in singles action. His other two losses came in the 30-man Royal Rumble match and in a one-on-two handicap match.

That’s quite an impressive win/loss record for Priest, who seems set to move on to bigger and better things for WWE. This is especially the case given that he’s one of the top three main roster stars in terms of win percentages.

#1. WWE RAW Superstar Riddle – 68.75%

Riddle makes it four out of the five best male main roster WWE Superstars during 2021 for Monday Night RAW, with the unbeaten Roman Reigns as the only SmackDown star in the top five.

He had a win-rate of 50% on Monday Night RAW after winning the Battle Royale but failing to win the Triple Threat match to earn Randy Orton a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

However, his win-rate for the rest of the year is much better, falling at 68.75% of the 32 matches he’s been involved in. It may be the lowest win-rate in the top five, but he’s wrestled 9 more matches than the next closest Bobby Lashley, which makes it a fairly impressive record.

Riddle has lost ten matches in 2021, with only six of those being in singles action. Although, two of them were in losing efforts to defend/win the United States title.

Riddle just edged out the number six Superstar, who is also on Monday Night RAW, and that person is Drew McIntyre on 68.18%


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