“I was going to win the title” – WWE veteran was supposed to beat The Undertaker for the world championship

Ahmed Johnson signed with WWE in 1995 and remained with the promotion until 1998. During his run with WWE, Johnson wrestled some of the biggest stars in the company and won the Intercontinental Championship. At one point, there were also plans for him to win the WWF World Championship from The Undertaker.

In a recent interview with Lucha Libre Online, Ahmed Johnson opened up about the canceled plans for him to win the world title. He said that there were plans for him to go over The Undertaker but they had to be called off because he got injured:

“I was going to win the title (WWF World Championship), until I got injured. But it’s true that I was scheduled to win the title against The Undertaker. Things didn’t fold out. And at end, it is what it is.”

Ahmed Johnson also discussed his experience wrestling The Undertaker and had a lot of praise for ‘The Deadman’. He said that The Undertaker couldn’t be “matched” as far as his talent inside the ring went, adding that there was “nobody better” than ‘The Deadman’.


Ahmed Johnson on why he left WWE

Ahmed Johnson left the WWE in 1998. He also discussed the reasons behind his departure during his interview with Lucha Libre Online.

Apart from family issues, Johnson also said that there were certain things going on behind the scenes that rubbed him the wrong way:

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