WWE scrapped Survivor Series spot involving Lana because of Roman Reigns

Former WWE Superstar Lana was recently a guest on ‘Talk is Jericho’ and spoke about multiple topics, including the original plans for her victory in last year’s 10-woman Survivor Series Elimination Match.

‘The Ravishing Russian’ was the sole survivor of Team RAW, despite not eliminating anyone. She won after RAW’s Nia Jax and SmackDown’s Bianca Belair were both counted out at the same time.

While Lana was always supposed to win the match, the initial plan involved a table spot. Jax had put Lana through the announce table for nine weeks in a row, with the tenth time being lined up for Survivor Series.

However, Roman Reigns had plans to do a table spot that night in his match with Drew McIntyre. He and Nia Jax apparently butted heads over this, with the WWE Universal Champion getting his way.

“We were supposed to do this whole table spot on the show. And then Roman did not want, ’cause he had a table spot with (Drew McIntyre). So there was some major pushback. The Samoans, Nia and Roman, you know, that whole thing,” said Lana. “Like, oh my god I’m caught in the middle of this drama. And so, we had a huge spot. Like I was supposed to be laid out in the very beginning. I was supposed to get in the ring and Nia snatch me, ’cause the whole point was everyone on the team were heels and I was the only ‘babyface’ and they’re gonna be all against me, and she was gonna lay me out.”

How Lana was supposed to beat Bianca Belair at WWE Survivor Series 2020

WWE’s further plan was for Lana to beat Bianca Belair, following interference from Bayley. However, this also changed after WWE scrapped the table spot.

“Then at the end, I had this whole sequence with Bianca, and Bayley was supposed to get involved.” Lana continued, “Bayley was supposed to get involved and cheat, so I prove myself and I win. We were all so excited about it. I was excited I was gonna get to wrestle, you know. So then, there was the whole Samoan rivalry that happened, so the whole table spot got taken out.”

As a result, Lana was not allowed in the match by Jax. The final decision to book her as the sole survivor after the double count-out spot was polarizing among WWE fans.

Would you have preferred to see the original finish to the 10-woman Elimination Match at WWE Survivor Series last year? Let us know in the comments below.

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