The Bollywood Boyz reveal how they really feel about Jinder Mahal’s new team after WWE release (Exclusive)

Jinder Mahal’s former managers, Gurv and Harv Sihra (The Bollywood Boyz) were part of the most recent budget cuts that focused on WWE’s 205 Live and NXT brands.

Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta spoke to the Indo-Canadian stars following their release, and the duo opened up about Jinder Mahal’s new associates, Veer and Shanky.

The Bollywood Boyz had a fruitful run as Mahal’s lackeys when WWE pushed the Modern Day Maharaja into the world title picture in 2017. The Sikh wrestlers were known as The Singh Brothers during their managerial stint for almost two years.

The alliance came to an end after WWE sent the brothers to 205 Live in 2019, and Jinder Mahal went his way until suffering an injury last year. The former WWE Champion was most recently brought back to RAW in May, and he didn’t return alone because Veer and Shanky were introduced as his new musclemen.

It was a surprising pairing as Mahal had just reunited with The Singh Brothers at the Superstar Spectacle show in January 2021. During a recent conversation with Sportskeeda Wrestling, The Bollywood Boyz stated that they had no problems seeing Jinder Mahal with some fresh faces on television.

Harv Sihra noted that they had an enjoyable run with the Modern Day Maharaja a few years ago, and it was now Veer and Shanky’s time to shine.


“You know, I think, yeah, it’s their time to shine, and we get it, and it was a fun two years when we did it with Jinder. We learned a lot, and we worked with Randy, we worked with AJ and Shinsuke, and even Hunter. For us, it was time to go to the next chapter in our careers. So, all the power to them and good luck to them, but for us, it was like, ‘Okay, what’s that next phase?’ You know, as opposed to redoing something that we already did,” said Harv.

“We did it on a huge scale” – Gurv Sihra on the Jinder Mahal storyline

Gurv Sihra shared his thoughts and recalled how their angle with Jinder Mahal was a more prominent program due to the WWE Championship’s involvement.

Gurv was happy to see the rise of fresh Indian wrestlers at the Performance Center, admitting that wrestlers like Shanky and Veer deserve to be under the spotlight.

“We did it on a huge scale too, I mean, Jinder was world champion, and we had that run. To my brother’s point, you know, for those new kids from India that are at the Performance Center, it’s their time to shine like my brother is saying and for us, this business is all about evolution and longevity, and you know, we were having a lot of fun working on 205 Live and getting our character stuff over. We did as much as we can with that brand. It’s still, for us right now, as we speak to you, it’s still about building our own brand and our own legacy,” stated Gurv Sihra.

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