Crazy Statistic Surfaces Regarding Roman Reigns’ 2021 WWE Run

Most fans will admit that Roman Reigns’ run as Universal Champion has been one of the high spots of the 2021 calendar year when it comes to the professional wrestling industry. He’s been at the top of his game as SmackDown’s main heel. But, there’s an interesting statistic floating around that gives you a better indication to how unique his run has really been.

The industry has changed in many ways. With no live events, but frequent title defenses on pay-per-views and weekly television, it’s rare when any one WWE Superstar goes a long period of time without actually losing. Well, as per WrestleTalk’s Liam Winnard, Reigns holds an interesting distinction.

Winnard pointed out on Twitter that the Head of the Table is the only person on the main roster to have had more than one match this year, and to have won them all. Reigns has wrestled seven times since 2021 began and he’s won every match he’s been a part of.

Roman Reigns Universal Champion

Winnard does acknowledge that, technically, Rinku Singh/Veer could be on the list.. He won a match at Superstar Spectacle in January as Rinku Singh, and picked up a win on Main Event this week as Veer. But, because he’s gone by two different names, it’s more of an outlier than anything.

Even More Interesting Is Who Else Was Close

It’s one thing to see a star like Reigns be in a class of his own. What’s interesting is that Ivar of the Viking Raiders was on the list as well, at least until this past Monday when he lost on Raw in Monday’s Battle Royal match.

What’s crazy is that we might be looking at a situation where Reigns goes an entire calendar year without a loss. There’s really no star in line to legitimately challenge him and WWE has already taken him into July on an undefeated run.

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