Randy Orton’s 10 Best PPV Matches, According To Cagematch.net

When Randy Orton is fully fit and motivated, it is hard to find someone in the business that is better than the Viper. Orton has carved out a WWE Hall of Fame-worthy career with the number of championships he has amassed. Whilst Orton has done well as a babyface, there’s no doubt that his best work has come as a dastardly heel.

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Orton has generally found himself in the business end of pay-per-views and he has headlined WrestleMania twice. The Viper will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time when he decides to hang up his boots, and he has featured in many memorable moments in WWE.

10W/ Team SmackDown Vs. Team Raw – Survivor Series 2016 (Rating: 8.63)

Team Raw v Team SmackDown Survivor Series 2016

Randy Orton is one of the most prolific performers in the history of Survivor Series. He has finished as the sole survivor in three successive years from 2003-2005 and a couple more times after that. The Viper was hoping to repeat the trick at Survivor Series 2016 when he represented Team SmackDown that went toe-to-toe with Team Raw.

The stars were aligned, and this was one of the best Survivor Series elimination matches in history. Orton played an integral part in this match as he eliminated Chris Jericho with his patented RKO. He contributed to Seth Rollins’ exit by nailing him with an RKO and Bray Wyatt picked up the scraps. Wyatt and Orton went on to secure the victory for Team SmackDown with Wyatt keeping Roman Reigns down with Sister Abigail.

9Vs. Daniel Bryan Vs. Kofi Kingston Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Jeff Hardy – Elimination Chamber 2019 (Rating: 8.65)

Orton v Bryan v Kingston v Joe v Styles v Hardy Chamber 2019

At Elimination Chamber 2019, Daniel Bryan defended the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber against five of the very best that SmackDown had to offer. Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy were all determined to end Bryan’s WWE Title reign and head into WrestleMania 35 as WWE Champion.

This match was notorious for setting up KofiMania as Kingston put on a sublime performance. The action was end to end and Orton eliminated Styles with a jaw-dropping RKO. Kingston halted Orton’s quest of regaining the WWE Title with Bryan managing to escape with his title intact.

8W/ Team Bischoff Vs. Team Austin – Survivor Series 2003 (Rating: 8.70)

Team Bischoff v Team Austin Survivor Series 2003

The stakes were high at Survivor Series 2003 with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s job as co-Raw General Manager on the line. Eric Bischoff recruited Randy Orton, Christian, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, and Scott Steiner to do his bidding. They squared off with Austin’s team comprised of Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and The Dudley Boyz.

This was a remarkable Survivor Series elimination match with Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels competing in the final two. The Viper was determined to back up his victory over Michaels at Unforgiven, and he did just that all thanks to his Evolution stablemate Batista.

7W/ Batista & Triple H Vs. The Shield – Extreme Rules 2014 (Rating: 8.79)

Evolution v The Shield Extreme Rules 2014

Fans were in store for a treat at Extreme Rules 2014, when Randy Orton, Batista, and Triple H recently reunited Evolution to take on The Shield’s Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. Both factions were a force to be reckoned with, and they knocked it out of the park in an outstanding six-man tag team match.

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Neither team held back in this brawl and it was mesmerizing to watch. However, it wasn’t a successful return for Evolution as they came up short with The Shield picking up a huge victory over the former World Championship winning trio.

6Vs. Daniel Bryan Vs. Batista – WrestleMania XXX (Rating: 8.84)

Bryan v Orton v Batista WrestleMania 30

Perseverance pays off and Daniel Bryan was involved in the WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Batista at WrestleMania XXX. The former Evolution stablemates worked as a cohesive unit for certain portions of the match to keep Bryan at bay.

However, Bryan had a refusal to stay down after he went through the announce table as Orton and Batista collaborated with a magnificent RKO and Batista Bomb combination. Ultimately, fans left WrestleMania XXX happy with Bryan forcing Batista to submit to the Yes Lock and once again become the WWE Champion in one of the best WWE Title matches of the decade.

5Vs. Christian – SummerSlam 2011 (Rating: 8.99)

Orton v Christian SummerSlam 2011

Randy Orton and Christian’s rivalry was one of the best feuds of 2011, and they had a series of matches that were at a high level. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and at SummerSlam, Christian defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Orton in a No Holds Barred match.

Neither man pulled any punches as they were both determined to be the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. It was a brutal contest but The Viper had the last laugh as he nailed Captain Charisma with a devastating RKO onto the steel steps.

4Vs. Christian – Over The Limit 2011 (Rating: 9.01)

Orton v Christian Over The Limit 2011

Christian was humiliated after his maiden World Heavyweight Championship reign was ended by Orton in just two days on an episode of SmackDown. However, Christian had a golden opportunity to put things right by invoking his rematch clause at Over The Limit 2011.

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Aforementioned, Christian and Orton hit many home runs in their series of matches in 2011, and their encounter at Over The Limit was arguably the pick of the bunch. Unfortunately for Christian, he had to endure more heartbreak as he failed to hit his Killswitch with Orton utilizing his RKO to affect and keeping the World Heavyweight Title in his possession.

3Vs. John Cena Vs. Edge Vs. Shawn Michaels – Backlash 2007 (Rating: 9.02)

Cena v Orton v Michaels v Edge Backlash 2007

Randy Orton was looking to put his two-and-a-half-year drought of holding a World Title to an end at Backlash 2007. John Cena had his hands full as the WWE Championship was at stake with Edge and Shawn Michaels, the other two challengers in a superb Fatal-4-Way match.

This was arguably the best main event that WWE staged in 2007 with all four men putting on a memorable performance. Orton and his former Rated-RKO tag team partner Edge worked together to keep Michaels and Edge out of the picture. However, Big Match John continued his dominance by retaining the WWE Championship.

2Vs. Triple H Vs. Chris Benoit Vs. Edge Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Batista – New Year’s Revolution 2005 (Rating: 9.13)

New Year's Revolution 2005

At New Year’s Revolution 2005, Randy Orton, Triple H, Chris Benoit, Batista, Chris Jericho, and Edge collided inside the demonic Elimination Chamber for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship. However, there was a seventh man involved and that was Shawn Michaels who was appointed as the special guest referee.

Orton had been popular as a babyface but not with the fans in San Juan, Puerto Rico as they were backing Triple H. Nevertheless, the Legend Killer eliminated Batista with his patented RKO but he was unable to recapture the World Heavyweight Title with The Game overcoming Orton once more.

1Vs. Cactus Jack – Backlash 2004 (Rating: 9.35)

Orton v Foley Backlash 2004

The toughest test in Randy Orton’s young career came at Backlash 2004 when he defended the Intercontinental Championship against Cactus Jack in a Hardcore match. Orton had to prove his worth on his own as Evolution was banned from ringside.

Orton certainly came of age that night as he bled profusely, and he endured a tremendous amount of punishment from Cactus Jack. It’s one of the best matches in the history of Backlash, and The Legend Killer announced himself as a major player as he outlasted Cactus Jack with a ferocious RKO on the exposed barbed wire bat.

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