10 Wrestlers Who Have Competed In The Most Money In The Bank Ladder Matches

The Money in the Bank ladder matches are a fan favorite as they’re exciting to watch and have the potential to create brand new main event stars. The likes of CM Punk and Edge have truly benefitted from the ladder match, and there are many wrestlers who have ended up competing in them countless times.

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Certain wrestlers just suit these matches due to their in-ring abilities, whether it be by being powerhouses who can create carnage, or highflying wrestlers who bring some creativity. Many wrestlers have been involved in multiple Money in the Bank matches, regardless of whether they won it or not.

10Cody Rhodes (4 Appearances)

Cody Rhodes in the Money In The Bank ladder match Cropped

Cody Rhodes is someone who many fans felt should have won the Money in the Bank at some stage in his career. Winning the briefcase could likely have taken him to the main event spot that he deserved to have, but despite being in four ladder matches it never happened.

Cody was always a fun part of the ladder matches and was often someone that fans could buy into as a potential winner. That is one of the reasons he was in so many, as audiences found him a believable candidate, which is important to have in these matches.

9Matt Hardy (4 Appearances)

Matt Hardy competing in the Money In The Bank ladder match

Matt Hardy is a veteran of the ladder match and that is why he was booked into the Money in the Bank ladder matches. He is someone who has a lot of experience and that’s why he was able to be involved in some big moments.

Hardy is the type of wrestler that would have benefitted from winning the briefcase to get to the level he could have done. However, he was involved in the matches and was often the glue within them, keeping it together.

8Jack Swagger (4 Appearances)

Unlike Matt Hardy and Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger is a former Money in the Bank winner. He has competed in the match four times as well, except he was able to pick up the victory at WrestleMania XXVI.

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It was the biggest moment of Swagger’s career in what was the final Money in the Bank ladder match in WrestleMania history. However, he did get another three opportunities at the match as well.

7Randy Orton (5 Appearances)

Randy Orton wins the Money In The Bank ladder match

Ladder matches aren’t exactly what people think of when Randy Orton is involved as this isn’t a gimmick match that he normally thrives in. That’s why it is quite surprising that the Viper has actually competed in five Money in the Bank matches.

Orton has been involved at WrestleMania and on the PPV events, and he has always brought huge star power to the matches. But Orton’s best moment with this gimmick match came in 2013 when he was able to win it.

6Shelton Benjamin (5 Appearances)

Shelton Benjamin standing on top of a ladder

Shelton Benjamin is one of the most iconic Money in the Bank competitors of all time. While he has never actually won the match, throughout his five appearances, Benjamin has always made his presence known.

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Shelton was placed into these matches for his athletic ability which has led him to creating some unbelievable spots. Benjamin often saw himself leaping off a ladder or crashing into one in order to make his mark, which he absolutely did.

5Chris Jericho (6 Appearances)

Chris Jericho holding Money in the Bank

Chris Jericho is often credited as the man who created the Money in the Bank concept, therefore it isn’t surprising to see he’s been involved in plenty of them. However, Jericho has actually never been able to win one.

Jericho competed in the first-ever Money in the Bank, with the WWE legend having plenty of history in the match. However, the closest he came to actually winning it was at WrestleMania XXIV.

4Dolph Ziggler (6 Appearances)

Dolph Ziggler MITB 2012

Dolph Ziggler is an incredible ladder match performer, which is why he’s been in so many Money in the Bank matches. Ziggler is able to sell perfectly in order to make others look good, and that always works well in a ladder match environment.

Ziggler has managed to win the briefcase during his career though, capturing it in 2012 which was a major moment for him.

3Christian (6 Appearances)

Christian competing in Money in the Bank

Christian is another wrestler who has competed in the Money in the Bank matches at both WrestleMania and on the exclusive PPV events. However, despite being involved six times, he has never managed to retrieve the briefcase.

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Christian has been a firm favorite several times in these matches, mainly due to the vast experience he has in ladder matches. However, he’s always fallen short, despite coming close on multiple occasions.

2Kofi Kingston (7 Appearances)

Kofi Kingston leaping from a ladder

Kofi Kingston has been in seven Money in the Bank matches but is yet to actually win one. He’s one of the most athletic wrestlers in WWE history, and because of that, it is easy to see why he’s been booked in these matches so frequently.

As a popular talent, he is someone who can always draw in the interest of the WWE Universe. Plus, Kofi can put together some amazing moments with his creativity, whether it’s diving from the top of a ladder or using them as stilts, he’s been a big part of this match type over the years.

1Kane (7 Appearances)


When people think about Money in the Bank ladder matches, it’s unlikely that Kane comes to mind. However, despite the big man not being a typical ladder match competitor, he has actually competed in seven of them.

Of course, Kane won the Money in the Bank back in 2010 and he actually cashed it in the same night on Rey Mysterio. He’s often in the match to provide real power, normally dominating portions of the bout which has led to some impressive moments from him.

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