Young Bucks Seem To Call Out Bully Ray Over Eddie Kingston Comments

The war of words continues, only it’s taken a strange turn. What started as one AEW star calling out WWE post a live Dynamite program, wound up triggering a response from a radio host. Now, an AEW tag team seems to be targeting said host, instead of staying focused on WWE.

Eddie Kingston stood in the ring after Dynamite completed and gave what he thought was an impassioned speech to the live AEW audience. Only, the pop wasn’t that huge and what he wound up doing instead of gaining support by AEW faithful, was taking heat from wrestling personalities like Bully Ray who said Kingston should “stay in his f—ing lane.”

Bully couldn’t wrap his head around why Kingston would target WWE when he’s got no business to really do so. He’s not a wrestler with a storied WWE past, nor did WWE take a shot at him. Other than a failed shot at in a WWE tryout, WWE is reportedly high on Kingston. Still, he used his mic time after the show to call them out (not specifically by name, mind you). Instead, Bully Ray said AEW stars should focus on AEW.

The buzz has built around the story and the latest development is that The Young Bucks have seemingly come to Kingston’s aid. Known to be a tag team that often changes their Twitter bio, they posted on the weekend, “Looking forward to when our in-ring day are finished so we can become shock jocks & pick fights on social media for clout! lmaoooo”

They didn’t name Bully Ray, but it’s clear that’s who they are referring to with this message.

Interestingly, they know there’s little chance Bully Ray doesn’t react. Using his platform  on Busted Open Radio, he’s likely going to take aim at the team in some sort of rant this week. If he doesn’t, it would be a surprise. Maybe that’s what The Young Bucks want.

Do The Young Bucks Actually Care?

The thing no one knows is if Nick and Matt Jackson actually care that Bully Ray took aim at Kingston’s comments. They may not, as the duo often uses real-life events in the wrestling industry to draw attention to themselves.

This could just be an inventive way to get Bully to talk more about them, which in turn means AEW will get more attention on a very popular satellite radio show. It would be a big surprise if some sort of angle was played out on AEW programming.

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