Roman Reigns Stopped Lana Getting Put Through A Tenth Table

If it wasn’t for the lobbying of Roman Reigns, Lana would have been put through ten tables instead of nine by Nia Jax.

Following Lana’s release from WWE, one of the more recent angles fans will remember her most for is the one with Nia Jax. Lana was put through the announce desk by Jax for nine straight weeks on Raw. However, she recently revealed that if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns, Jax would have put her through ten tables.

Lana’s Run Of Broken Tables

During her recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Lana, who now goes by her real name CJ Perry, recalled the plans for her and Jax’s tenth table spot. The big number ten was supposed to happen at Survivor Series. “There was some major pushback between the Samoans, Nia and Roman [Reigns]. I’m caught in the middle. We had a huge spot,” Lana explained.

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Reigns was against Jax and Lana using the announce table since he and Drew McIntyre had a very similar spot planned for later in the night. In fact, it was effectively the exact same spot. Since Reigns got his wish, he and McIntyre were able to go ahead as planned. The Tribal Cheif Samoan Dropped McIntyre through the announce table, exactly what Jax would have done to Lana had the spot gone ahead as planned.

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Raw’s Sole Survivor

Instead of the tenth announce table spot, Jax wouldn’t let Lana enter the Survivor Series-style match. However, after all four of her teammates were eliminated, Lana had no choice but to enter the match. Bianca Belair and Bayley, who were on the same team, bickered to the point that both were counted out, leaving Lana as the sole survivor, winning the match for Team Raw.

Lana is one of more than 40 WWE employees to have been released so far in 2021. It’s unclear what she will do next, but it’s possible she could join her husband Miro in AEW. Odds are she will want to keep on wrestling. During the same part of the interview above, she discussed being reduced to tears at not getting the chance to wrestle in the Survivor Series match despite being the one to win it.

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