A John Cena Heel Turn Is What WWE Raw Needs

John Cena will be making a return to WWE. When that is, no one really knows except Cena and the WWE, but it’s all part of a planned attack by the company to bring out the big guns for the return of fans, live touring, and potentially the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view.

The idea is to give the live audience a reason to pop huge. At the same time, Vince McMahon can send a message that the company is moving in a new direction, one with bigger, better and bolder characters who the fans haven’t seen in some time. Who knows, maybe the creative aspect of the show will improve since the rumored arrivals of names like Cena, Becky Lynch, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and others has to get everyone’s juices flowing.

While the live audience will love it, the hope is that these returns bump the ratings for the flagship shows. Namely, Monday Night Raw has seen its fair share of low numbers and critical reviews. What it needs, is a shake up.

John Cena Needs To Join Raw

When Cena returns, there is speculation he may go up against Roman Reigns. While the matchup is intriguing, the better place for the 16-time World Champion is the red brand. Raw needs the boost and on a three-hour show that often feels like it’s struggling from week to week, Cena knows how to be entertaining.

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So too, there aren’t a lot of big-name singles competitors on that brand, at least not ones that haven’t overstayed their welcome in the title scene. While a familiar face, Cena would pump new life into a brand that feels lifeless.

The Stage Is Set

Cena hasn’t been a heel since he became a household name. Promoting the catchphrase “Never Give Up”, he and WWE were too afraid to take the leap and give fans a new side of his character, that frankly, the fans were waiting for. Vince McMahon needs to give it to the viewers now.

One of the arguments against turning Cena heel was his persona and relationship with his fans. He was the king of Make-A-Wish and, in many ways, it made sense not to have the man who granted more wishes to children than anyone be a bad guy. While I’m not suggesting Cena doesn’t and wouldn’t still grant wishes, his new Hollywood schedule and the pandemic has probably limited those appearances a great deal.

There’s also no need for WWE to argue that Cena can’t be a bad guy. He’s playing one in a movie that was just released in F9 and his Peacemaker character isn’t exactly PG.

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Swerve Everyone

The most impact Cena could make would be to replicate (not copycat) Hulk Hogan’s Bash at the Beach heel turn in WCW. Have Cena come out to a huge pop, get fans excited to see him, and before the fickle and nostalgic crowd can turn those cheers into boos, beat them to the punch.

If Cena were to attack the biggest babyface on Raw — whether that be Drew McIntyre, a friendly Fiend or Riddle — the heat would be off the charts and Cena would probably relish the opportunity to visit a side of the wrestling business he’s not visited in over a decade. We’ve seen how well that’s worked for Roman Reigns. There’s no reason Cena can’t pull it off too.

One Of The Best Promos In The Business

Fans have come to love Reigns’ delivery when it comes to his new character. And, this growth is from a guy many believed was a poor talker. Cena has always been strong in that regard and if he’s got a message to send — one that isn’t just fluffing up the WWE Universe with positive, happy-go-lucky feelings — we may wind up remembering his promos as some of the best ever.

There’s so much WWE can do with a heel John Cena; it’s almost criminal not to try. All he needs is a reason. From there, let him do his thing, give him time and watch him make a star out of a babyface talent before Cena ultimately leaves again to do his next film.

Don’t Miss The Boat

Cena will return, but for who knows how long. WWE may never get another opportunity to turn him. If they don’t do it now, when? The answer is never and while we can all live with that, it would be a bit disappointing.

There are so my good reasons to pull the trigger on a move like this. And, imagine the heat it would bring if he just so happened to break the record for World Championship runs if he took a short-cut or cheated to do it? It would be pure gold.

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