Roman Reigns Has No Interest In A SHIELD Reunion: ‘It’s A One Man Show’

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has confessed that he has absolutely no interest in reuniting with his former Shield teammates Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley.

During a recent interview with Peter Rosenberg for Hot 97 radio, the Universal Champion said he was grateful for the time he spent with Rollins and Moxley, but that he was solely focused on life as a singles competitor now.

I have respect for everything we did now,” Reigns said. “A lot of that time was really pivotal for me to learn and gain experience. Be around other performers. See their processes and how they attack things and how they think about things,” he continued. “But where I am at now it’s a one-man show. I have the family dynamic with my cousins but at the same time, I call the shots. It’s my thumb that’s down on this pole. So yeah, I don’t think I can share it anymore.”

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Prior to making their WWE main roster debuts, all three Shield members had been in WWE’s developmental system during its rebrand from FCW to NXT, with Rollins being crowned the first-ever NXT Champion soon after the transition.

The three men debuted together as The Shield on Raw in 2012 and dubbed themselves “The Hounds Of Justice.” They sought to correct perceived injustices in WWE by interfering in matches and taking out wrestlers who they deemed unworthy of the opportunities they had been handed. Eventually, the trio became so popular so they were organically turned into babyfaces.

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The group split up in 2014 when Seth Rollins turned on Reigns and Moxley (who was known as Dean Ambrose at the time) and allied himself with The Authority, — the nefarious corporate faction led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Subsequent years saw several Shield reunions, but Moxley left WWE in 2019 and joined AEW soon after.

Of course, with the three former members of The Shield currently spread out over two separate wrestling promotions, a reunion is unlikely to occur anytime soon, but it’s nice to dream.

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