SmackDown Winners And Losers: Vega Returns, Otis Dominates, Owens and Edge Last Men Standing

This week’s SmackDown opened as Edge addressed the WWE Universe and Roman Reigns. The match between The Rated-R Superstar and The Head of the Table had been made official for Money in the Bank and Edge had a message to send before the pay-per-view.

Also on the show, Kevin Owens battled Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing Match, Zelina Vega made her return to WWE, Baron Corbin’s financial world is crumbling around him and Otis seems to be get a monster heel push.

Here are your winners and losers for SmackDown, July 2, 2021:

Winner: Edge Opening Promo

Edge brought attention to all the reasons he could complain about his Triple Threat WrestleMania match. But, in 2021, Edge realizes there will always be obstacles and he wasn’t going to make excuses. He knows he can beat Roman one-on-one. He said his win was inevitable, it’s just a matter of when.

This was a strong promo and good use of imagery from WrestleMania. Focusing on the look of two men who felt completely different things during their match, Edge did a good job of suggesting he’s in Reigns’ head. That’s important when you realize few competitors have really stepped up as a legitimate threat to the title.

It was short, simple, and effective.

Loser: Corbin Has Vehicle Repossessed

WWE has yet to explain why Baron Corbin is losing his shirt financially after losing his crown, but creative is clearly going all in on the idea that Corbin’s world is crashing down around him. On Friday, during his tag match, he watched a his vehicle was being repossessed.

WWE is really going to have to provide a bit more context to what’s going on here if fans are going to invest any interest in the Corbin storyline. As it is now, it’s tricky to try and piece everything together. All we know is that Corbin is quickly going broke.

This match didn’t need to be a tag match with so many heavy hitters. If the focus was going to be Cobrin’s storyline, why not just have him come out and try to win a singles match against an enhancement talent. The loss would have made a bigger impact since some jobber beat him. Crews, Big E and Nakamura felt like afterthoughts here.

Winner/Loser: Bayley And Belair Make “I Quit” Match Official

Fans are probably tired of this rivalry since it’s been beaten into the ground, but the “I Quit” stipulation makes things interesting. At what level does the person quitting have to accept the consequences of doing so? Is this simply a stipulation applied to the title or is Bayley putting her SmackDown career on the line? With a WWE Draft around the corner, no one should be shocked if that’s where this storyline goes.

The down side is that Bayley losing another match is not ideal. But, if she’s switching brands, the bite doesn’t sting as badly.

Winner: Kevin Owens Wins Last Man Standing Match

We say it week after week, but it still rings true. No matter how many times we see Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn, they never disappoint. The Last Man Standing Match was absolutely a pay-per-view quality contest. Owens picks up the win and will go to Money in the Bank and compete for a shot at the Universal Championship. Who knows if the plan is to get Owens back in the main event picture, but he deserves to be there and Zayn is fine arguing why he should be, but isn’t.

Owens was aggressive and took it to Zayn for most of the bout. Every time Zayn seemed to get some momentum, Owens turned it around. This really wasn’t as back and forth a match as some might have expected. That didn’t make it any less an entertaining contest. Zayn played the part well to take the beating and Owens looked like a man on a mission to dish it out.

Winner: Zelina Vega

Well, Vega is back and she’s clearly a heel. Sonya Deville announced Vega’s return and at the same time, gave her a free pass into the Money in the Bank match. That brought out Liv Morgan, who wasn’t pleased stars she keeps beating are simply being handed opportunities.

Morgan challenged Vega to a match and won. The takeaway here is that Deville seems to have it out for Morgan and Vega was given too much too soon, which will keep her hated in the eyes of the fans.

The match itself wasn’t much to write home about but it was good to see Vega back. One has to wonder if she gets a push and some victories.

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Winner: WWE All In On Otis

Fans probably haven’t seen the type of squash match creative booked for Otis on Friday in a long, long time. The big man absolutely destroyed Angelo Dawkins. It was a massive indicator WWE is planning on turning Otis into the brand’s next massive heel threat.

Otis has that athletic King Kong Bundy kind of feel as Bundy was rising through the ranks in the late 80s. He wound up being in the main event against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 2. Could Otis wind up going that far with this new gimmick? Only time will tell, but Friday was a great start.

It amazing how quickly creative has made us think differently about a guy, who just a few months ago was a goofy sideshow carrying around deli meats in a lunch box.

Winner: Edge Takes Out Jimmy Uso

The final segment of Friday’s show accomplished two things: it proved Roman Reigns wasn’t about to have his cousin’s back and Edge got over as a serious bada— with a message to send.

Uso bragged that there was no Roman so Edge shouldn’t have a reason to avoid him. It was clear Jimmy figured Reigns would show his face. When the champion didn’t show, Uso was overwhelmed.

Edge broke off a piece of the chair and put Uso in a cross face. The focus was the look on both men’s eyes, making reference to Edge’s promo at the start of the show.

It was a simple finish that wasn’t overbooked. Effective.

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